Sunday, August 9, 2009

August 9, 2009

I just watched a new poker show on NBC called Face The Ace. The premise of the show is that an online qualifier comes to Las Vegas and plays a random professional poker player heads up. If they win, they get $40,000. If they choose, they can go on and play a second match, where if they win, they now get $200,000. They can then choose to play a third match, where if they win, they get a million dollars. If they lose, at any point, they get nothing.

Sounds interesting on paper, doesn't it? David vs. Goliath?

But I'm confused as to what the motivation is for the pro player. What is in it for them? What can they possibly gain other than being the one who cost this amateur all this potential money. Is it that important that you show the world how great a player you are...we already know, that's why you're one of the pros on the show.

I'm not saying it's ego for them...far from it. But seriously, what is the motivation to play against someone to try and prevent them from winning life-changing money? The logic of the show just doesn't make sense.

The show last night featured a guy who had already won two matches, and had decided to go for the million against our very own Guelphite, Gavin Smith. Gavin, of course, beat him, and this guy walked away with nothing. If you're Gavin Smith, how do you feel? It's a lose-lose situation for the pro: either you look like an idiot getting beat by some amateur who doesn't know how to play, or you crush their dreams. Why would anyone agree to this?


Anonymous said...

Sean, obviously the pro is compensated by the television show (assumption - $$$). There may be different levels of compensation that increase if he/she beats the amateur at the beginning, or it could be higher if they beat them before it costs the show the million dollars. All this of course comes from the advertising dollars of the sponsors. BTW, when's the show on?

Sean said...

The bankrolls that the pros have are so large that any compensation they get would pale in comparison to money they could earn elsewhere. Either way, the point is that anyone with a brain can see the problem with the logic of the premise. They should specify what the benefit is for the pro if they win.

It was on last night (Saturday) but I'm not sure if that's the regular time slot.

Anonymous said...

i figured it was a new venue for FTP to advertise, aren't all the pros FTPers?

I hate the host.