Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August 11, 2009

This is the second in an ongoing series of the Poker Room ‘regulars’ at the Brantford Casino. Today’s featured player is Tom, who goes by a number of different nicknames in the room, but I simply refer to him as Rounder Tom. Tom is a portly, bear-ish individual who can be found in the poker room almost daily, and virtually exclusively at the 2-5 Limit tables. He’s unmistakable with his bushy moustache and ball cap with hair (but not really a mullet) hanging out the back. You’ll generally see him roaming about the room in track pants and perhaps his ratty PokerStars windbreaker. In short, he looks like he got lost on his way to the Larry the Cable Guy concert.

Rounder Tom is an interesting creature. A character who claims to be well-educated in the poker world, and one of the top players and strategists you’ll find. Just ask him, he’ll tell you. I’m not sure what he does outside of the poker room, but to the untrained eye, you would have to think he spends most of his time in the casino, ‘Rounding’ at the 2-5 table, raking in $20 and $30-dollar pots. Hence the nickname ‘Rounder Tom.’

The first time I ever played at Brantford was about 5 years ago, when I went with my brother one night. I had played a lot of live poker, but this was my first time playing in a casino. I remember that he was at my table as I sat down at 2-5, and I won a couple of pots in the first hour. About an hour in, I called him to the river with pocket 8’s, and hit my set on the river to win the pot. He went on and on about what a bad play I made, and how bad a player I was. I took it for a minute since I was new, but when he went on again, I stood up for myself and said, “Listen, I don’t recall signing up for any lessons or asking you to be my coach.” He pretty much shut up after that.

So, in the five years since then, I’ve seen him try the same thing with new players and regulars alike, giving free lessons while being critical of their play. The one main thing, though, is that any time anyone stands up to him, he backs down. Typical timid bully behaviour…attack until someone fights back, then run away. Lately he has been seen periodically at the 5/10 tables, which is a bit of a shock, but he generally just sits there and folds while he gets credit for an hour of rated play (woo-hoo, 41 cents in food credit!) while he’s waiting for his 2-5 seat. Or he misses his blind and gets up and wanders the casino while he gets rated.

I’ve heard a number of stories about Rounder Tom from some of the players and dealers there, from humourous to unethical, but he’s a staple there. In his mind, he’s clearly the best player in the room, but he doesn’t understand the irony that if he was as good as he says he is, he would probably be playing at a higher level.

Instead, he’ll continue to round it up at the 2-5 table in his track pants.

But if you need a poker coach, he’s probably the guy to ask


Irem said...

Oh Sean, Rounder Tom (or Reg) is a classic. I can get into his personal life, but why bother?

When I first began playing in Brantford in late 2002, he was there, bragging while on 5/10 (no 2/5 game) about his 38 wins out of 41 sessions. The only time I felt bad for him was when his friend who used to play in Brantford passed away. These guys are a dime a dozen. They need to prove to all of us that they know the game. Every time I begin teaching at the table, I remember these guys.

Paul S. said...

Having dealt to him countless times I am not at all impressed with his knowledge of the game, if he was that good the overall appearance and presentation of himself would be so much better. Unfortunately he's one of those "when you lose you talk" kind of guys....but at least he's harmless unlike some other players

Any2crds said...

I have nothing to say except, The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets cheese in the trap.

No relevance, just wanted to type.