Thursday, August 20, 2009

August 20, 2009

The Zehrs supermarket by my house has a bunch of signs up that advertise how they've reduced 3000 prices in the store, and there's a sign at the road that they've put up to mention it as well. It's one of those black stand-up signs with the neon letters, and when I drove by it the other day, the sign said:

"3000 Prices Reduced Because Your Important To Us"

I had to laugh because the 'Your' vs 'You're' mistake is one of my favourite spelling/grammatical errors. I went in the store, and was going to mention it to someone, but I figured I would just leave it and see how long it lasted.

Today I drove by the store and obviously someone had said something because it was amended to now read:

"3000 Prices Reduced Because Yo're Important To Us"

Seriously...I have to ask...just how dumb is the person doing the signs for them?
(P.S.- I just love how the apostrophe is in the wrong place in the picture above, thus creating a third, and even more idiotic example.)


Anonymous said...

Your pretty funny. Your'e posts make me laugh.

Any2crds said...

What you're problem hear? I dont see any thing rong. Pleese explain... ;)

Rob said...

hey sean:
I have a follow up to your apostrophe dilemma that has hounded me for years,and i cant,sorry can't .ha,ha,figure out why people,busineses and organizations misspell it all the time.I bet you that out of 100 times i have seen this word,it has been spelled wrong 98 times.I am going back at least 34 years,because that was how long i taught.Anyway,once i give you the word you might just notice it too,it is a word that when you first glance at it,YOU WILL PROBABLY NOT NOTICE THAT IT IS MISSPELT.The word is.... dam, i forget how to spell it..ha ha .Really the word is INCONVIENCE.
HOLD IT HOLD IT...DID I GET YOU?COME ON BE HONEST,DID YOU MISS IT TOO?See ,i told you,it is ,for some reason, always misspelt.Now let us do spell it correctly for those of you that really don,t know how to spell:INCONVENIENCE.And the thing is,when it is spelt wrong it is always spelt wrong THE SAME WAY,the first "en" is always omitted.The laughing occurs when i go to a store owner or whoever spelt it wrong,and tell them,AND THEN SHOW THEM,THEY STILL DON,T see it.Anyway, another mystery.Maybe a wolverine can spell it.

Jenn said...

I see it on Facebook all the time. Come on, people! It's grade 5 grammar!

Sean said...

You're (note apostrophe) right, Rob. I have noticed the Inconvience-Inconvenience mistake before...too funny.

And don't even get me started on 'Would of' instead of 'Would have.'