Monday, August 31, 2009

August 31, 2009

Are we really still in the midst of an economic crisis when:

A) 19,300 people paid between $40 and $85 in Calgary last week to watch a Red/White scrimmage featuring the 44 players who are ‘trying out’ for Team Canada for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Nineteen thousand people! To watch a makeshift game…that wasn’t really a game…and didn’t even feature another team! A glorified shirts vs. skins matchup with ticket prices upwards of $100? (On a side note, a shirts vs. skins hockey game would be hilarious.)

B) The Jonas Brothers played in front of 56,000 people at Skydome (oops…I mean Rogers Centre) last night, and there was an estimated two thousand scalpers outside the venue selling tickets, some for as much as $500.

C) Disney announced today that they are paying 4 billion dollars to buy Marvel. Which can only mean that in the future, we can expect Iron Man to have Pluto as a sidekick, and for the Marvel soundtracks to stop featuring bands like Snow Patrol, The Killers, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Dashboard Confessional, and now instead have Miley Cyrus and the aforementioned Jonas Brothers.

Economic crisis? You tell me.


Anonymous said...

Of course there's an economic crisis. Granted, we are more than likely on the upswing portion of the crisis, but a crisis nevertheless. The point to be made however (and this was seen during the depression of the 1930s as well), is that people will not give up the things that bring them pleasure just because it is not financially prudent. I can understand this. People may make cuts in other ways so that they can continue to endulge in the things that bring them joy even if it's not financially in their best interest. Words I think, that all of us could heed...... ;-)

Anonymous said...

About the Disney/Marvel thing. It needn't be all that bad. Let's not forget that Warner has owned DC for years and years and DC still manages to put out awesomeness like the last two Batman movies.

Also, Disney owns a number of other film distribution companies and releases lots of non-Disney material under these banners. Like Apocalypto, one of the bloodiest films I have ever seen.

Finally, the rights to Marvel properties are numerous and complex. It will be at least a decade before Disney actually has the film rights to much of anything. Sony has another two Spider Man films, Fox still has the X-Men and the Fantastic Four, and I think Paramount has the right to distribute the next five Marvel films (eg thor, avengers, iron man 2, etc).

And hey, Disney didn't get to be a multi-bajillion dollar company by being idiots. I don't expect them to go to great lengths to alienate Marvel fans. Think about how much better Marvel properties could be with a parent company that is quite accustomed to throwing money around the same way superstitious people throw salt. "Oh please Mr Ghost of Walt Disney, our film needs more funding in order to be good!" "Here you go, tiny artist, have this extra three hundred million dollars of spare change that I found lying in my couch."

I'm just sayin'. Might not work out badly after all.