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Important News About My Survivor And Amazing Race Recaps

Many of you know that I wear a lot of different hats. I work a full-time job, I work for a local University as their Athletics announcer, and I also work for our local affiliate of Rogers TV on-air for their broadcasts of Kitchener Rangers hockey games. Add in to that the responsibilities of being a dad to a 10-year-old son, and trying to be a good partner to my loving and supportive girlfriend, Devena...and there's not a lot of free time.

I do these recaps because they're fun for me, and because people enjoy reading them. From a tiny little side project, to something that garners between 10,000-15,000 hits/month, this site sure has grown and evolved to places I didn't really envision. I'm very, very thankful and grateful for that.

But I need a break.

Things are way to busy for me right now to be putting in the required effort for my recaps. Work is busy, home life is busy, and the Rangers playoffs are starting in 2 days, which will mean I have a show almost every other night for a seven-game playoff series. Plus, I was just on vacation and missed three recap nights (for Survivor and TAR), and after tonight, I was going to miss the next two episodes as well.

So, I'm sorry to say that I will be taking a temporary break from doing my recaps for Survivor and The Amazing Race. I watched last week's episode last night, and I really enjoyed just being able to sit and watch that's what I'm going to do for the next little while.

I'm not sure how long...I may be back before the end of the season, but I will definitely be back at some point. Like I said, I just need a break.

Thank you to all of the loyal readers, I hope this doesn't change anything for you, and you'll still be back when I start recapping again. Please feel free to add me on Facebook or Twitter to keep in touch in the meantime.

See you soon.


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Amazing Race Recap: March 18, 2012

Tonight's episode of the Amazing Race finds the remaining teams headed to Bavaria for Gingerbread houses, yodeling, and some beard shaping. Will Vanessa and Rachel continue to butt heads? Will Bopper and Mark be able to climb out of last place? And will Brenchel continue to annoy the holy hell out of me?

Unfortunately, I will not be able to recap tonight's episode as I am out of the country on vacation. I will add some thoughts on this week's episode at the beginning of next week's recap, which will be up as usual following the episode.

Please feel free to still comment on the episode in the Comments section.

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Survivor One World Recap: March 14, 2012

I can't ever recall a player on Survivor that has been as universally reviled as our beloved Sea Foam-Wearing Colton Cumbie. Pick your poison: arrogant, elitist, racist, obnoxious...all of the above? It's rare to see a viewing audience that agrees so much on one contestant. His antics are sure to continue this week, perhaps on a new tribe, as the preview last week teased a potential Tribal Swap. Is it really a swap? Or could his reaction in the preview just be in response to a disgusting eating challenge? If there is a swap, and he ends up on Salani, will he be forced to relinquish the Idol since it was specified that it MUST be given to a Manono member?

Unfortunately, I will not be able to recap tonight's episode as I am out of the country on vacation. I will add some thoughts on this week's episode at the beginning of next week's recap, which will be up as usual following the episode.

Please feel free to still comment on the episode in the Comments section.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Amazing Race Recap: March 11, 2012 - No Recap Tonight

Tonight's episode of The Amazing Race finds the remaining teams traveling to Italy, and is ssuggestively titled "Taste Your Salami?" Will the tension between Vanessa and Rachel be on the rise? Can Team Army reclaim their lead at the top? Based on the picture above, I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy this episode.

This is usually where I tell you that my Recap will be up around 10:00 pm ET...but there won't be a recap this week. I have other obligations tonight, and I'm leaving on vacation in 48 hours, so things are pretty busy. Sorry to those of you who were expecting my usual Recap.

Please feel free to still discuss the episode in the Comments section below.

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Survivor One World Recap: “I’m Completely Bum-Puzzled Right Now”

The teaser from CBS for tonight’s episode stated “The battle of the sexes continues, and for the first time, a play will be made that will change the game forever!” Would Colton continue to be the ringleader of the Misfit Alliance? Can Salani continue their winning streak? And why am I writing a recap on my birthday? (Answer: because I love my readers!)

My Random Thoughts:

- Previously on…Survivor: the men dominated the game for the first 5 days, but the women are on a roll after winning the last two challenges. On Salani, Alicia and Christina don’t like each other, and the Misfits booted Matt last week. And don’t forget that Colton called Bill “Ghetto trash.”

- Night Vision recap: Michael thinks “the old guy, the little guy and the gay guy” are stupid for voting out a strong guy. Tarzan Greg is preaching to Troyzan Troy, and says that their alliance of 5 is solid, and despite Mike being “so peripheral he has no clue” (what the hell does that mean??), Bill is next on the chopping block, despite his charm and “beguiling character.” Oh yeah…and Leif sleeps in a box.

- The next day, while the women prepared a morning snack of boiled snails, and talked about how they weren’t struggling for food, the men strolled over and proposed a deal. Jonas asked about their fishing net, and the women said they haven’t had any success. The sushi chef then pointed out that he knows how to use a net properly (because he’s Hawaiian, you see), and suggested that the women let them use the net so that he can catch some fish…and in return, the men would give them half of the fish.
Chelsea wasn’t interested in the least, saying that she “doesn’t want to sound like a cold-hearted bitch,” but it’s a bad idea to feed the enemy. Jonas went on and on proclaiming he was fine with them not agreeing to it, but you could see they didn’t believe him.

Personally, I don’t understand why the women wouldn’t agree to the deal. You do nothing, you get half a catch of fish…and this is the important part…that you wouldn’t otherwise have, because you don’t know how to catch fish with the net. Maybe if the men were starving, I could understand it, but there was nothing to tell us that they were hard up for food to begin with, so I don’t see the point here.

And here’s the interesting part…I’ve been getting the promotional photos from CBS prior to each episode, and in the last two weeks, there have been not one, not two, but THREE photos of Jonas with the fishing equipment, including one of him with the net…and with Matt, who was voted off before that scene! (see one of them below) Either they made the deal and edited to look like it was nixed…or something else is going on. Something smells fishy, and it’s not just that net.
- The Reward challenge gave me goosebumps on the opening overhead shot, because I thought we were going to get to see a combination of two challenge themes from the past two season: coconuts and tiles. But alas, they weren’t tiles, they were planks. I guess Mark Burnett left all of the excess tiles in Nicaragua, but coconuts are always easy to come by.

The challenge was some good old-fashioned coconut-chucking at a giant 5x5 board, and the first team to get a Bingo would win the reward, which was a choice between Comfort (pillows, blankets, and a mattress), Protection (a tarp), and Luxury (coffee and donuts).
Bill sat out, Jay’s jaw dropped at the sight of donuts, Kat trash talked after hitting their first “tile”, Greg kept calling Jonas “Jason”, and the Survivor production team used a nifty graphic and sound effects to show us the progress on the board…because I guess they think we can’t tell from the GIANT HOLES on a wooden wall.

In the end, the women won (their 3rd challenge in a row), and chose the tarp as their reward. Greg was a poor sport both at the challenge and back at camp, branding the Salani win as ‘lucky.’

- While chatting on the beach, Leif let it slip to Bill that he was initially Colton’s target before the plan shifted to Matt before the last Tribal Council. “Bill Posley just got wowed”, he shared with us, as he was visibly shocked.

Upon hearing that Leif spilled the beans, Colton launched into more of his rehearsed faux rants, saying “that little Munchkin is about to get knocked back to Oz”, and “he’s turning into an annoying little Oompa Loompa.” He then called for Leif, as if he was some sort of regal being that requested the presence of one of their loyal subjects. Either that, or the Godfather? Or maybe Rob Mariano.
How arrogant and obnoxious was Colton in this scene? It was almost unbearable to watch as he browbeated Leif about what he said to Bill, over-dramatizing everything for the cameras and telling him that he sealed his fate and picked the wrong side. If you would have told me that I was going to be watching a scene with a small man wearing a panama hat talking to a Tribemate, and one of them was painfully arrogant…I would have bet my house that we would have been talking about Russell Hantz.

- The hint for the Immunity Challenge came in the form of a Tree Mail Puzzle, and the women quickly surmised that they would be working in pairs to solve a puzzle. Kat immediately pointed out that she needed a good partner since she wasn’t good at puzzles (hey, at least she’s a realist!), and when Alicia volunteered, Kat was less than impressed.

Kat said that Alicia wasn’t good at puzzles, so they shouldn’t be partners, and Alicia immediately got all fired up, pointing out that she just “threw that shit together”, talking about the Tree Mail Puzzle. I’d like to point out that the Tree Mail puzzle was only 6 pieces, so it wasn’t really that impressive of a task. When two-thirds of your puzzle are corner pieces, rest assured that a blind monkey could get it done relatively quickly.

I’m not saying that Alicia shouldn’t have been offended. On the contrary, I agree with her. But when the dumbest person on the Tribe is essentially calling you dumb, then it’s a bit of a blow.
- The Immunity Challenge was a 3-armed race, where the pairs (tied together at the wrist) would have to walk across a teeter-totter and then solve a puzzle to get a key. After doing this three times, they would have to use the three keys to unlock three locks and raise their Tribe Flag.

This challenge wasn’t even close, as the men cruised to a victory. We were made to believe that it was due to Alicia and Chelsea struggling at the first puzzle, but I think the men had this one in the bag anyways based on how quickly they did each puzzle.

But the big thing that came out of this was the fact that when the women couldn’t solve their own puzzle, they did exactly what they did last week, and simply tried to copy from the men’s puzzle. I can’t understand how the producers are allowing this to happen. It’s so blatant and brazen, and is an insult to the spirit of the game. Either the puzzles have to be different, or there needs to be a visual barrier between the two Tribes to prevent something like this from happening constantly.

After the men received the Immunity Idol, you would have assumed it was time for the Tribes to head back to camp, as they normally would. Nope…not this week. Not until our favourite Blue-Shirted host decided to dish out a verbal bitch-slapping to Salani, saying that it “barely qualified as a challenge.” He then turned his attention squarely on Alicia, who was nervously laughing at their defeat, and went on to point out that she was hopeless at solving the puzzle even AFTER LOOKING at the completed Manono puzzle.
- Back at the camp, Alicia pitched her case for her and Chelsea to both stay, saying they have been great at the other challenges, but Sabrina says that “Alicia is just dead weight with a mouth” and she wants Alicia gone. Kim says she’s not on board with that plan and still wants to vote out Christina.

- Over on the men’s side of camp, Bill wants to talk to Colton in an attempt to clear the air, so he approaches him and says “I just want to squash some beef between the two of us.” (Now, normally I wouldn’t take such an easy opportunity as this one, but after Colton’s reprehensible behaviour and comments the past two weeks, I feel I can go down this road.) Clearly, this is NOT first time that Colton has been asked to squash some beef between two men.

Instead of talking like two adults, Colton instead had another one of his toddler-like tantrums, saying “I don’t want to talk, I just want to lay here, I don’t want to think about this game.” And as he lounged there like Colton-patra, with his hands over his head in the shade, he showed his immaturity by not listening and just ranting to Bill, “You’re going home next so it really doesn’t matter. Bye!”
He then went to the rest of his Tribe to complain about Bill, and proposed a ridiculous plan: to approach the Salani Tribe and give them Immunity so that Manono would voluntarily go to Tribal Council and vote Bill out.


We’ve seen individuals give up Immunity, and we’ve even seen Tribes throw challenges to be sent to Tribal Council, but never in 24 seasons have we seen (or even heard of) a Tribe giving up Tribal Immunity after they had won it. (By the way, did you notice that Jason…I mean, Jonas…was holding the fishing net in this scene? No deal, my ass.)

I can’t understand why the rest of the Tribe would agree to this ridiculous plan, even though they gave some absurd logic that since Colton was calling the shots, they had to go along with it. Jason/Jonas even asked “What am I going to say? No?” HELL YES YOU SAY ‘NO!”

So the Tribal Pow-Wow was called and Tarzan Greg preached to Leif about what he had done. He told him “You should not have done that. That was bad.” Hey Greg, just because he’s that small doesn’t mean you have to talk to him like a child. Jay summed up what we were all feeling when he said “I’m completely bum-puzzled right now.” (I won’t make a Colton joke on that one.)
- The look on Jeff Probst’s face as the Manono Tribe entered Tribal Council was priceless. After his jaw dropping and head-shaking he pointed out that in 24 seasons and over 400 Tribal Councils, he had never seen a Tribe give up Immunity. Now, I am going to take umbrage with the “400 Tribal Councils” comment, because well over half of those were after the merge, and therefore there was no Tribal Immunity anyways, but the point is still valid, albeit exaggerated for effect.

- Other than a bad act by Leif, and a political rant by Greg, Tribal Council was pretty much just Colton and Bill talking about each other. Colton explained why he didn’t like Bill, saying that it was because he was loud, obnoxious, and a struggling stand-up comic. He channeled his inner Mean Girl when he said “It’s, like, ‘Get a real job’!”

We learned that Bill grew up poor while Colton had the Country Club lifestyle, attending a private all-white school in Alabama. When the topic of race came up, this shockingly ignorant exchange took place:

Colton: “I do have, like, African-American people in my life”
Probst: “Who?”
Colton: (pause) “My housekeeper.”

What made this even more offensive, was the flippant laugh from Colton as he said it, as if he knew how ridiculous his answer made him look, but he didn’t care. He went on about Bill, “I don’t associate with people like that in the real world, and I’m sure as hell not going to associate with people like that out here”

The “Let’s Vote Out Leif” ruse was poorly executed, and it was obvious to me that Bill was going home…and it was unanimous among the other 7 Tribe Members. Why else would Leif agree to the deal to give Immunity away? Even if you know you’re next to go, take your shot with winning Tribal Immunity until the merge, or maybe there is a twist on the horizon. It didn’t make sense.

- I was hoping that the rest of the Tribe would see what a golden opportunity this would have been to get rid of Colton and unite as a Strong Seven. He never would have played the Idol, and it could have been the greatest blindside in Survivor history.

- Please note that next week (March 14) I will be away on vacation, and unable to watch the show. I will get a recap up once I return on March 20th.

Next Week: A Tribal Switch Up?

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Survivor One World Recap: March 7, 2012

The teaser from CBS for tonight’s episode stated “The battle of the sexes continues, and for the first time, a play will be made that will change the game forever!” Would Colton continue to be the ringleader of the Misfit Alliance? Can Salani continue their winning streak? And why am I writing a recap on my birthday? (Answer: Because I love my readers!)

Tonight's recap should be up by 10:00 pm ET. Please make sure to check back.


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Amazing Race Recap: “Stacking Watermelons In Paraguay Was On My Bucket List.”

Sorry for the delay in getting this week’s recap up a day later than normal. I was away on Sunday and wasn’t able to watch the episode until tonight. This week’s episode certainly was a nail-biter (no joke…I was actually biting my nails), and with the preview showing teams having a task involving watermelons, I was obviously hoping we would revisit one of the greatest moments in Amazing Race History.

(NOTE: Sorry, no Pictures/Captions this week since it's going up late)

My Random Thoughts:

- Before I get to tonight’s episode, I have to revisit last week’s Pit Stop, which featured Phil and a Diego Maradona impersonator. I have to mention that on a number of message boards, there were people who were trying to say that it was the real Diego Maradona, which is ridiculous. It was a Fake Maradona…guaranteed. Trust me.

- On to tonight’s episode, which started with Team Army (Good Rachel and Dave) and Team Border Patrol (Art and JJ) departing only minutes apart, just after midnight, and finding out that the teams would now be traveling to Paraguay…which I hope you figured out from the title of this recap, if you hadn’t already seen the episode.

Team Army wants us to know that they’re aggressive, competitive, and a target, while Team Border Patrol would like to point out that they are on their way to another Spanish speaking country, which is an advantage for them, and since both of these teams “protect America”, they will dominate.

- When they arrived at the airport, both teams learned that there were two options for flights: an 8:45 am flight or a 10:40 am flight. The earlier flight was full, but they would be able to put their names on the standby list at the check-in counters.

Flash forward to early morning, where we then saw all nine teams at the airport. I have to say, as I have mentioned in the past, I love when the producers do this…no fake drama and unnecessary footage of each team at the Pit Stop Mat opening their first clue to start the leg. It was essentially “OK, everyone is here. Everyone wants the early flight. Now you’re caught up.”

- Not everyone knew about the earlier flight, but for some reason Team Fake Teachers decided to tell as many people as possible about the earlier flight. Once all of the teams (or most of them) had put their name on the standby list, the teams that arrived later started trying to sweet talk the ticket agents into circumventing the priority list, and give them the tickets.

Thankfully, that didn’t work, and karma reigned, as the 8 tickets that ended up being available on the early flight went to the first four teams that arrived: Team Army, Team Border Patrol, Team Fake Teachers, and Team Kentucky.

This pleased Art and JJ to no end, as they started waxing poetic about how strong they were as a team, and how the other teams were just letting them “run the Race for them”, and following what they do. They then compared themselves to Michael Jordan, because he won 6 championships, and Art ended the rant with a Randy “Macho Man” Savage-esque growl of “OHHH YEAHHH!”

Frankly, the Michael Jordan comparison was ridiculous, because if you’re going to compare yourself to MJ because he’s won six championships, when all you’ve done so far is come 3rd and 2nd in two races…well, you have a pretty weak argument.

The rest of the teams were stuck on the 10:40 flight, and Rachel had one of her meltdowns prior to even getting on the plane. “I’m not calm, Brendon”, she whined, “This is a Race, and I’m not about to lose it to some doo-heads.” At least I think that’s what she said…

- Upon arriving in Asuncion, Paraguay, teams had to take a taxi to a junkyard, enter the junkyard via a kiddie slide, and then search through a bunch of BBQs until they found their next clue. I know that TAR usually designs these challenges based on cultural traditions and customs in each country, but what did this one mean? That Paraguayans love children’s park slides, trashy looking yards, and BBQ?

And bring on the cultural traditions they did, as teams were now faced with a Detour after finding their next clue. Teams had to choose between Stacked Up, which would require building a pyramid 0f watermelons, and Strung Out, which would require teams to string a harp.

Phil told us that Stacked Up would take place in “Paraguay’s favourite fruit market” during the “busy watermelon season”, but let’s be honest…as soon as we heard watermelons, we were all hoping this would happen again. We also learned that the harp is the National Instrument of Paraguay. Now you know!

Personally, I would have chosen Strung Out, solely because of the math of it. With the harp, you only had to untangle and then string a total of 36 strings. With Stacked Up, you had to construct a 10 x 10 pyramid that would have to be built outside in the heat, after you carried all of the watermelons, and with a high probability of problems, since you’re stacking a total of 385 ROUND objects (do the math…it’s 385.)

- Most of the teams chose Stacked Up, and while Team Border Patrol breezed through it, many of the other teams had problems, leading to the time-honoured tradition of allowing the locals to laugh uproariously at the contestants. The problems included arguments, collapses, and even Bopper getting hit in the head with a watermelon, which prompted him to utter the title of tonight’s episode: “Bust Me Right In The Head With It.”

And for the record, I don’t consider that getting busted in the head with it…this is.

Vanessa tried to get in Bad Rachel’s kitchen, first suggesting that Team Divorce block in Team Reality Whores with their watermelon cart, but Ralph was more focused on getting the task done, than the ridiculously simple task of annoying Bad Rachel. Then there was talk of being able to see Bad Rachel’s ass while she was unloading watermelons, and it all resulted in Brenchel leaving and switching Detour tasks.

The reasoning Brendon gave us was: “Real quickly, Rachel and I realized that this task was going to be very very difficult.” Let me translate that for you: “Because Vanessa was being mean to my TV girlfriend, we decided to run away. You see, we like to talk about people behind their back instead of to their face on this Race. We’re cowards.”

Obviously, the major factor in the switch for Team Reality Whores was the fact that Vanessa was “talking smack”, as Rachel put it. Oh the irony…the Queen of Smack Talk from two seasons of Big Brother can’t take it when another strong-willed woman calls her out?

And of course, once Brenchel were in the cab, the venom started spewing, as Brendon said that “Vanessa is one of those girls who tries to be all sweet and pretty and nice”, which is CLEARLY a foreign concept to him, considering who his fiancĂ© is. And then Rachel cattily said about Vanessa, “her disgusting smile is painted on just like her overdone makeup.”

- Strung Out was anticlimactic, and all of the teams that struggled with the watermelons ended up here. It was just a matter of hunkering down and getting it done, and most teams finished it in a decent amount of time, except for Team Twins. The only major element that came out of this was when Team Army arrived after switching, and saw all the other teams there…they decided to use their Express Pass.

- After finishing the Detour first, Team Border Patrol were instructed to head to Plaza De La Democracia where they found a Road Block that asked “Who’s ready to use their head?” Hey, I remember someone in a previous season who had to use their head! (That's right, FOUR times in one recap! BOOYAH!)

The Road Block required teams to learn a traditional Paraguayan Bottle Dance, which would mean they had to do specific dance moves while balancing a bottle on their head. If the bottle fell and broke, teams would be able to try again, but if they used all of the bottles they were provided (50 total) without accomplishing it, they would incur a two-hour penalty.

A couple of thoughts about this Road Block: First, I thought it was going to be so hard for teams, that it may have been a good strategy to just smash all of your bottles and get your 2 hour penalty started as soon as possible (remember Rob Mariano voluntarily taking the 4-hour penalty in TAR 7?), but most teams were able to do it.

Second, did you notice how easily the bottles were breaking? Either they were made of clear peanut brittle, or they were stunt glass bottles. That would explain the fact that, even though the Paraguayan women were sweeping up the pieces, nobody was cutting themselves by having bottles break in their hands, getting down on their stomach on the ground, and having the bottom of the bottle simply fall off while it was on their head.

- Team Border Patrol was confident, as JJ told us “Art’s got a big fat head, so this is gonna be good for him.” And sure enough, they finished the Road Block before another team had even arrived, and continued on to the Pit Stop at Escalinata De Antiquera, where Phil told them that they had won a trip to the Bahamas, although I’m not sure if Art actually heard what the prize was, since he was too busy breathing heavily and telling the model beside Phil “Wow, you’re really pretty.”

- Team Army was the second team to arrive at the Road Block after using their express pass, and Dave didn’t have a hope in hell of completing it, as he quickly smashed all 50 bottles while Good Rachel looked on helplessly. After winning the first two legs, they would now be faced with a two-hour penalty.

Here’s what I don’t get, though…why were they even given the clue and allowed to serve the penalty at the Pit Stop? In the past, teams had to wait out the penalty AT the site of the Detour/Road Block/Challenge, and then receive their next clue once the penalty time had elapsed. I didn’t understand why it was different this time.

- After everything was said and done at the Road Block, the order of finish at the Pit Stop was as follows: Team Reality Whores in 2nd (accompanied by more fake mat drama from Bad Rachel, whining and coughing), Team Guidos in 3rd, Team Kentucky in 4th, Team Fake Teachers in 5th, and Post-Penalty Team Army in 6th…only mere seconds out of 4th place.

Talk about a bad leg for Dave and Good Rachel. After winning the first two legs, they failed miserably on the Watermelon Detour, used the Express Pass late, and then failed even MORE miserably at the Road Block, resulting in a two hour penalty, dropping them from first to sixth. On top of that, they had to endure a speech from Phil at the mat, telling them that they were the first team to not complete a task and stay in the Race. (Translation: Everyone else did it, losers.)

- Team Badonkadonk finished in 7th, leaving only two teams…both of whom were still back at the Detour: Team Twins with the harps, and Team Divorce at the watermelons. Both teams considering switching, but stayed with their initial choice, working into the night to finally finish and move on to the Road Block.

And at the Road Block in the dark, once they saw the other team there, they were both revitalized. I wondered if this overall setup for the Road Block was fair, since when Vanessa and Ralph arrived, they (and presumably other teams before them) could clearly see what the Road Block was, therefore making the decision on who would do it easier, as Vanessa told Ralph “your head’s harder than mine.”

- She was right, and Hard-Headed Ralph finished first, launching Team Divorce into the 8th and final spot at the Pit Stop, with Elliot and Andrew close behind, finding out they were eliminated from the Race.

Not a good season for siblings.

Next Week: The Teams Travel To Italy, And Rachel Hates Brendon.

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Amazing Race Recap: March 4, 2012

This week, the Amazing Race travels to Paraguay for the first time in 20 seasons, as the teams are faced with another challenge involving watermelons. Could we be so lucky as to see another watermelon catapult to the Face? (Answer: highly unlikely.)

Unfortunately, I will not be able to watch this week's episode until Monday, so unfortunately, my recap will not be up until Monday night. In the meantime, since this episode is called "Bust Me Right In The Head With It", I'm going to leave the picture above Caption-Free, and challenge you to come up with the best caption in the Comments section.

Please check back on Monday for my full recap.