Saturday, August 8, 2009

August 8, 2009

Time for more thoughts on Big Brother:

- I was happy to see Ronnie get evicted on Thursday night. He was definitely a rat that had an inflated idea of his intelligence in the game. His speech to Michelle was completely undeserved and uncalled for, and only proves what a reprehensible individual he really is. It's been interesting doing some reading after the fact and finding out that Ronnie is a know cyber-bully, and his wife was trying to create a computer program to rig the online voting for Ronnie. Real class acts.
- Michelle handled that ridiculous speech well, but she is rapidly becoming a power player in this game. It's good to see that she's aligning with the Russell-Jeff-Jordan side, because I think they're going to go far.
- Glad to see that Jeff won the Coup D'Etat (even if he doesn't know how to say it), especially since Chima won the HoH this week. As long as Jessie or Natalie don't win the PoV, I would expect to see the two of them on the block come Thursday night. They'll never see it coming. This is going to be awesome, especially if Jeff himself is on the will be that much more dramatic.
- I'm liking Russell more, since he's actually begun to put some thought into how he plays the game. His paranoia may get the best of him, eventually.
- Chima is a hyena. I can't stand to look at her or listen to her ridiculous laugh.

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