Tuesday, August 25, 2009

August 25, 2009

A follow-up story to the Roaming Wolverine of St. Agatha post from last week.

I was at Brantford and sitting with a friend at a table, along with Sean, one of our favourite dealers, who was dealing at the time. We were talking about the blog post from last week telling the story about when my friend and I saw a Wolverine at Foxwood golf course. Someone asked what we were talking about, so Sean said “Tell them the story”. So, I’m starting to tell the story about ‘the wolverine’, and this 19-year-old punk kid at our table starts laughing.

I say, “You’re going to start mocking the story before you even hear it?”

He says, “Please! Like that’s even a real animal!”

You could literally hear the crickets chirping as we all looked at each other and I said, “Um….what?”

“A Wolverine isn’t a real animal. That’s from the comic books”, he continues.

Well, needless to say, we had a bit of a field day with this kid from that point forward, and it led to a new game I introduced to him, called “Real Animal or Fake Animal?” I would name an animal, and he would tell me if it was real, or if I was making it up.
The very first one I ask him is Narwhal – real or fake? He asks what it is, and I tell him (truthfully) “It’s pretty much a cross between a dolphin and a unicorn, essentially a porpoise with a big spike coming out of its head.”

He points at me aggressively and shouts, “HA! That’s how I know you’re making it up! Because unicorns aren’t real!”

Oh…the innocence of youth. The look on his face was priceless when my friend Norm pulled up a picture of a narwhal on his blackberry.

To honour this future rocket scientist, please enjoy this classic Narwhal scene from Elf.


Anonymous said...

It is not nice to torture the simple! Brantford is a wonderful place where nobody has an IQ above 7. The games must still be fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Funny to read...and even funnier being there. Is it just me, or does poker tend to attract every 19-22 year old kid, who thinks he knows everything about anything? And what's this about "the innocence of youth". As Forrest Gump said....."Stupid is, as stupid does". The best thing though about stupid punk kids sitting at poker tables, is having a sharp guy at the table who not only gives it right back, but is able to call him out on his stupidity. Nice one Sean....nice one... ;-)

Anonymous said...

And one more thing........ Thanks Mr. Narwhal....thanks. ;-)

Anonymous said...

guess you didnt take a break from poker after all....

Sean said...

This story happened the night before that decision.