Sunday, August 2, 2009

August 2, 2009

So, when we were at the zoo on Thursday, we had just finished having our lunch, and we were getting set to go over to Stingray Bay. We had set up a little picnic lunch in this little shaded hill area near the entrance, and when we were coming down the hill, I saw this guy.
So I point him out to Nicki as he's walking by, and she whips out her camera and snaps that shot as he's walking away. We immediately determine that those are the "Worst shorts ever on a man" and then after further discussion, decide that the "on a man" part is unnecessary, and that they are indeed the Worst Shorts Ever. We laugh about it and then go on with the rest of our day.

Until about 2 hours later, when we're in the Americas Pavilion looking at a display, and we turn around and see
Now this picture gives you a better sense of this spectacular outfit. Especially since this guy is about 6'4" and those shorts are skin-tight. I'm not sure why this man, and whoever he was with, determined that this was an acceptable fashion decision when heading out to the zoo that morning, but let's be clear:

This is not ok.

I understand that a lot of people have seen the Bruno movie in the last month or so, but that still doesn't make it ok. The only time these shorts may be acceptable would be a) on a dare, b) at some sort of Oktoberfest performance, or c) if you're Hilby The Skinny German Juggle Boy.

What would you do/say if you saw this guy? Discuss.


Danny West said...

if i saw that i would be like "so uhhh lose a prop bet? >.>"

nicki said...

bahahaha!! i will LOVE these pictures for....forever!!!!