Monday, August 24, 2009

August 24, 2009

Big Brother is winding down, and as much as I couldn’t stand Chima and Lydia, everything is kind of boring without them. Aside from Natalie still being a whiny complainer, everyone else is somewhat likable. I’m hoping it’s an interesting final couple of weeks. I’m regretting that I didn’t choose my other potential pick for my Swiss Chalet bet with Cheryl, as I was considering Michelle. I think it’ll be her and Jeff at the end. The good news is that they have added a second hour to the Big Brother season finale, and will be doing a full reunion show with the cast. Expect fireworks…with or without Chima there. (I predict ‘without.’)

Let’s talk strategy for a moment. The prevailing thought this week is that Jeff is going to take out Russell, and I think this is a bad decision for him. If you think about it, the house is essentially broken into 3 pairs: Jeff and Jordan, Russell and Michelle, and Kevin and Natalie. Jeff and Jordan will remain intact next week due to Jeff being HoH, but one of those other couples will be cut in half. What that creates is 2 pairs, and a floater who is essentially an asset to either pair…that would give them a 3-2 advantage.

Think about it. If Russell is evicted, that tells Michelle that Jeff and Jordan has severed the ties on their Final Four alliance, and she would obviously side with Kevin and Natalie, putting them at a numbers advantage, and leaving Jeff and Jordan alone as a pair. If Jordan doesn’t win HoH on Thursday, they would obviously be nominated for eviction. However, if Kevin OR Natalie is eliminated, the surviving member of that pair would need to align with one of the other pairs. Neither Kevin nor Natalie would align themselves with Russell, so they would obviously attempt to attach to Jeff and Jordan.

So, in short, keeping Russell and eliminating one of Natalie and Kevin, gives Jeff and Jordan either a 4-1 advantage (if they keep their Final Four alliance intact), or a 3-2 advantage (if they split it up and gain Kevin/Natalie.) Both scenarios are good for them, while the other one puts them at a severe disadvantage if they choose to get rid of Russell. I know these two are likable while not being so bright…but I sure hope they’re not so dumb as to not see what a huge mistake it would be to get rid of Russell at this point.
Also, for you Big Brother fans, follow this link for a hilarious video from Dalton Ross and Josh Wolk at Any Big Brother fan will enjoy's hilarious.

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