Monday, August 24, 2009

August 24, 2009

- Lucas’ birthday party was this past weekend and we held it at Laser Quest for him and 8 of his friends. They had a blast, but the oddest thing about the day was what I saw in the parking lot. There were three guys out there, probably 20-22 years old, smoking at their car and strategizing for when they would go in and play. What the best way to hold your laser gun is, how to cover one of your sensors while shooting, and how there are a bunch of really young kids that didn’t know what they were doing, so they should just follow them around and keep shooting them to rack up the points. If this is the highlight of your weekend, hunting 7-year-olds in a Laser Tag maze…you really need to re-evaluate your life.

- The one-week Coke Zero trial is complete. The good news is that while I didn’t have a single Coke over the course of the week, I didn’t really miss or crave it that much. The bad news is that Coke Zero still tastes like Coke Zero, and is not a suitable replacement, despite what my friends suggested. I’ll keep going another week and see what happens.

- I saw two great movies in the past week, and felt rewarded after not being to the movies for over two months. District 9 and Inglourious Basterds are highly recommended and will both be featured in posts later this week.

- I was reading a news story about a teacher in Arizona who went to McDonald’s and picked up some breakfast, and in the bag with his Egg McMuffins, he found a scorpion! My favourite part of the story, however is the manager’s response, saying that it couldn’t have come from the restaurant, and that “he's willing to pay for the cost of the Egg McMuffins, or replace them.”

- The readers on the blog are steadily increasing, so thanks to all of you once again. An interesting thing is happening, though, and that is that people are commenting…but not here. When I post a link on Facebook, many people are coming here, reading the post, and then heading back to Facebook to leave a comment there. Feel free to comment here by clicking on the Comment link at the bottom of each post. You don’t need to register with Blogger to post, you can post anonymously, or even sign your name to an anonymously named comment if you like. Thanks to all of you who are commenting, it makes for some good discussion on here.


Mandi said...

Looking forward to your blog on D9 and IB. Saw District 9 last week. Totally wicked sci fi, very different to what you normally see in a sci fi. it has a lot of great CGI but it is raw and gritty, not glossy and airbrushed. the documentary styling took a bit to get used to, and added to the rawness. Aiming to see IB soon.

Cori said...

Hey Sean,
I'm really enjoying your blog! I hope to see District 9 this weekend, it looks really interesting. WE don't get to see movies much, having a one and two year old, we do a lot of renting, but I think D9 will be worth seeing on the bigger screen. (we have a home theatre with projector so we sort of have the big screen experience with all the comforts of home...)

Sean said...

Mandi and Cori, glad you're both enjoying the blog. Thanks for commenting, those two posts will be up later this week.