Friday, August 14, 2009

August 14, 2009

The 200th Post
Well, here we are...200 posts and counting. I decided to take a look back and see how far this has come since post #1, and when I looked back all the way to the first post, I saw that it was exactly one year ago yesterday. That's right, the one-year anniversary of Sean's Random Thoughts passed with nary a mention, and the only commemorative post being a photo of Sam Cassell being apparently molested by his trainer.

Looking back and seeing the evolution from Random bullet points to actual posts on specific topics has been an interesting progression. Who knows where we'll be next year at this time, or at post #300, or #400? I have lots of stuff I'm planning on writing about. Hope you enjoy it. I'm enjoying writing it. Thanks again for a great year.

But on that note...some Random Thoughts:

- I enjoyed last night's episode of Big Brother. Nice to see someone make a ballsy move for once. I give credit to Jeff, but can't wait to see the drama that is sure to come from Chima in the aftermath. I smell a penalty nomination coming.
- We went to Ethel's patio on Tuesday night and had a great time, which is interesting, because the Ethel's patio was mentioned in Post #1 (seriously...take a look). We went uptown for gelato afterwards and I tried a new flavour, which was fantastic...blood orange. Yum!
- How does The Phillies' Shane Victorino make my blog twice in one week? Well, first of all for getting ejected from center field last week, and then the other night he was making a play in the outfield at Wrigley Park and a fan threw a beer at him and hit him right in the face. Awesome that he still made the catch.
- I was on the 401 yesterday, and I saw a HUGE wild turkey fly out of the brush at the side of the road near Guelph and right into the front/side of an 18-wheeler doing 120. It was an explosion of feathers followed by a big thump on the side of the road. Very weird to see.
- 6 years ago today was the big blackout of 2003. The Record ran a quick story today, but their math isn't so great. 2009 minus 2003 is still six, right? See pic below.

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