Sunday, August 2, 2009

August 2, 2009

Lucas and I really enjoyed our week off together, even if our trip to Wonderland was rained out on Wednesday. But there are worse things than spending an extra day with your brother and his family, and watching Lucas and his cousin Joe have a blast playing together, so we'll chalk up the rain as a good thing since it gave them an extra day together.

The highlight of the week was Thursday, and our trip to the zoo with my friend Nicki. It was the only really perfect weather day of the week, so it turned out to be good on that front, 24-25 degrees, not brutally hot, and a nice breeze every once in a while. When we got there, the lineup to get in was ridiculous, and we waited for nearly half an hour just to get inside, but once we got in it was clear sailing.

Lucas was a bundle of energy, running around and wanting to see everything. It's always so much fun seeing him that excited. We were there one day before the new polar bear exhibit opened, so we didn't get to see them, but there was plenty more to see. The highlight was definitely Stingray Bay, where for $3.00, you can pet sharks and stingrays in a pool. They had been advertising it, so we knew we were going to check it out, but all 3 of us agreed that it was pretty awesome, and we stayed there for nearly an hour.

Lucas also loved seeing the gorillas. The first time we went by the gorillas, they weren't in the inside cage, so we went outside, and they weren't there either. No big deal, we'll come back. So we come back again, and there's no gorillas outside, and only one inside, the big guy, Charles.
So Lucas is wondering where the other ones are, and so are we. Maybe they're not all out on a Thursday afternoon, but we're not sure. Anyways, we go trekking around the rest of the zoo, and we're heading back to the car about 30 minutes before the zoo closes, and we decide to pop in to see the gorillas again. Lucky us, because all 7 of them were there, and there were very few people watching. So he was pretty excited to get to see them all.

It was a great day, and we all had a blast. Here are some pictures.


Jenn said...

Sean, the zoo pictures are so great! I always forget how much fun the zoo can be, and the Toronto Zoo is pretty good. Sorry I didn't get to see you guys this week. We'll do lunch soon, ahhhight?

nicki said...

awwwwe :) thursday was the highlight of the week?! I had a really super great time with both of you...i have to say have one fantastic little boy :) !!! YAY STINGRAYS!!