Monday, August 3, 2009

August 3, 2009

I have some more pictures from Las Vegas and the World Series of Poker, so I've gone back into the old posts and added some where they belong, but here's a few more, along with a funny story that somehow didn't make it into one of my Vegas posts.

It was the second day of Event 54, and we were all getting ready to head over to the Rio. Dave had already left to play at a tournament at Caesar's Palace, so it was just me getting ready in our room and Tony and Jer across the hall. Generally what we had done for the week was to just prop the 2 doors open to our rooms and walk back and forth across the hall when we were all there.

I had just finished my shower and was getting dressed. As I was putting my shirt on, I thought that I should pack a second shirt to change into later in the day because it can get pretty hot with my Gryphons sweater overtop. So I grabbed a shirt and was bringing it across the hall to ask Jer to put into his knapsack, and as I walked out into the hall, I heard the door click behind me. I hadn't propped it open.

"Yeah, yeah, Sean." you're all saying, "We've all locked ourselves out of our hotel room before. Great story....yawn."

Except that I wasn't wearing any pants.

So Tony jumps up as soon as he realizes what's happened and points "No Pants!" and (rightfully) can't stop laughing. I just had on a T-shirt and boxer shorts. The boys give me some grief as I beg for a pair of shorts to go down and get a new key. Finally they give me one, and I head down to the front desk. I'm explaining what happened to the clerk, and I have no I.D. either, and she tells me that she can't give me a new key. This is Las Vegas. I can't be the first guy to lock myself out of my room with no pants. She ends up getting security to come up to my room and let me in, and then I have to get my I.D. to show him that it really is my room.

Here's some more pics from Vegas.

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