Thursday, December 25, 2008

December 25, 2008

Just a quick note to say Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

December 23, 2008

Only because this makes me laugh EVERY time I see it...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

December 21, 2008

- With all the snow the last few days, Lucas and I just hunkered down in the house wrapping Christams presents, playing games and watching Christmas movies. Today it was The Grinch (Jim Carrey Version) and Christmas Vacation. I have to say it's been pretty awesome.
- I am a new uncle neice Sophia was born on Friday morning. Lucas and I drove to Guelph to see her yesterday afternoon when the weather was good. She was adorable and Lucas was very excited to meet her when she was only one day old.
- I was happy with the result from the Survivor finale, but Corinne sure did take the title of Biggest Bitch Ever with her comment to Sugar at the last tribal council. Wow. I was happy that Bob won, but they did a good psych-out showing Susie's 3 votes early. That would have been the worst result ever. Probst wrote a great blog commenting on that.
- I've been watching a lot of the Food Network again lately, and this week on a Christmas episode (from 2007, I think) of Iron Chef America, Tina Fey was the guest judge. I have to say again...I love her. Top Chef has been quite enjoyable too.
- With the amount of play I'm giving to Weezer lately, I'm starting to get pretty annoyed at myself for missing the Foo Fighters/Weezer tour in 2005.
- Mike is back for Christmas from England, and he's coming to play poker tomorrow night. Looking forward to seeing him's been a while.
- I had a great visit last week with 2 of my best friends from high school, Evana and Pat. It was so nice to re-connect again. They have beautiful kids and I can't wait for them to get together with Lucas sometime to all play together.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

December 14, 2008

- I've had a few email guesses on the concert trivia question from the last post, and somebody correctly guessed one out of the three artists (but it was pretty easy.) I'll give the answers in a day or two, and see if any more guesses come in.
- Nice swerve job on Survivor on Thursday. Crystal gone out of nowhere! Nice! Finale should be good least I don't have to drive to Guelph in a snowstorm this year.
- I was over at Phil's on Friday night and we all played a Scene It trivia game for the Xbox 360. So much fun...blows Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture out of the water.
- I've been listening to the latest Weezer album a lot more lately. At the beginning of the summer, Pork and Beans was a great song...then it got overplayed and was annoying. But after a few months of not hearing it, it's a great song again. Go figure...
- Final KWPT event was last night, and I finished 3rd in the tournament, and 1st overall for the second consecutive year. It was a good season. Jeremy played a great game last night, and deserved the win.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

December 11, 2008

- The Duran Duran concert was great. Not as good as the Detroit show, but still great. The venue wasn't as good, but I did like the new set list. I'm glad they played White Lines, which they didn't in Detroit. T
- With that concert, Duran Duran is now one of a very select group of musical artists who I have now seen in concert 3 times (or more). I'm not counting all the Canadian acts we saw through University and afterwards, like Spirit of the West, Lowest of the Low, The Waltons, 54-40, or even Danny Michel. I'm talking major concerts. There are a total of 4 artists (band or artist). Take a guess, see if anyone can get all three of the others. Email me at or post in the comments section.
- Lucas and I decorated the Christmas tree earlier this week, and had a lot more room since there are quite a few ornaments I'm not putting up this year.
- Lucas scored another goal at hockey tonight. And he did a fancy pass between his legs to one of his teammates.
- I'm disappointed that Tom Cheek didn't win the Ford Frick Award this week, and even more disappointed that Tony Kubek won it. Nothing against Tony Kubek, I think he's a good analyst, but it's a big step to award it to a TV broadcaster for the first time, and not even a play-by-play guy.
- Survivor finale is this Sunday. Again, I'm praying Crystal doesn't win.
- So tonight is the beginning of the William Peterson/Laurence Fishburne transition on CSI. I fell asleep during last week's episode, so I missed most of it.

Monday, December 8, 2008

December 8, 2008

- The bonus features on the Lost DVD set were great. 2 full discs, and then some additional commentary on the episodes themselves. I re-watched the finale with commentary, and it was very interesting. I flashed back to where I was when I originally watched it on the night it aired...and the emotional Penny-Desmond reunion. What a joke now to think of things she said to me when we were watching...
- Tomorrow is the announcement of the Ford Frick Award for the baseball Hall of Fame, and I'm hoping that Tom Cheek gets in posthumously. I voted for him to get on the ballot, and I truly hope he gets the recognition he deserves.

December 8, 2008

- Michigan!? Seriously....Michigan? Brutal. Oh well, I guess one loss to an unranked team isn't so someone beat UNC please.
- I'm thrilled Nick and Starr won The Amazing Race. Best team ever on the 13 seasons of the show.
- SNL started sucking again after the U.S. Election. Political comedy really is their bread and butter now, and the rest is pretty weak.
- 30 Rock is funnier every week. Funniest show on television, and closing in on the all-time crown currently held by Arrested Development. Lemon out!
- I saw Quantum of Solace last night. It was good, I like the darker James Bond character...but it was so hard to follow the action sequences with the quick camera cuts and angles...too much too fast.
- Kristy at Brantford used a great line the other night, "It's not mean unless you say it behind their back." Awesome.
- 1 more day till Duran Duran.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

December 6, 2008

- Lucas scored his first goal on his hockey team this past Thursday. One of the other kids took a shot and the goalie saved it and the rebound came right to Lucas, who took a slap shot (well, a slapshot for a 7-year pretty much a dribbler) and it went in. I was glad I was there to see it...he was so excited.
- The night before, we went to the Kitchener Rangers game, which was the annual Teddy Bear Toss game. When the Rangers score their first goal, everyone throws teddy bears onto the ice and they donate them to charity. My dad came with us and we had a great time, and got all 3 of our bears on the ice. It's pretty amazing to's a link to the footage of this year's game. 6300 fans and over 6500 bears.
- Survivor was a bit sappy this week. Matty's proposal on the dock was a little goofy. I thought it was so ridiculously unfair for Bob to be facing off against Crystal and Sugar in a puzzle. He finished in about a nano-second and then looked almost guilty. Awesome. With all the angry jury members, it's looking like this is shaping up to be one fireworks-filled final tribal council.
- My sister is scheduled to have her baby the week before Christmas, so I'm close to being a new uncle again.
- The Sean Avery situation this week was so ridiculous and contrived. I'm glad he got suspended, and I bet the Stars won't take him back. His career may be affected forever because of one juvenile comment.
- I'm not sure that Sam Mitchell deserved to be fired by the Raptors, but anything that gives Jay Triano a job as a head coach, I'm 100% behind. It will take some time to get the team conditioned to the pace he likes to play, but by the end of the year, Raptor fans will be happy with this change. He did a great job with our national team and is a great coach.
- Lost premieres in 6 weeks. I watched the promo video for the new season and got goosebumps...can't wait! Season 4 comes out on DVD this week, and we got a copy at work, so this weekend, I'm watching the 2 discs of bonus features.
- Duke plays at Michigan this afternoon. Go Duke!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December 2, 2008

- First and foremost, Lucas got his report card yesterday and it was great. I'm very proud of him.
- How come when I ordered soup at Tim Horton's on Saturday, they put the hot soup on TOP of the butter for the roll so that the butter became pure liquid...and was it really necessary to put 11 salt packets in the bag? Really....11.
- We're almost done all of our Christmas shopping already. It's a good feeling.
- We were out at the mall a couple of weeks ago and were shopping for Nana's birthday. Lucas picked out a nice picture frame from a kiosk at the mall that said Nana on it for her to have a special picture of just the two of them. A very thoughtful gift on his part. Last week I was back looking at frames again, and the girl who had helped us find the frame almost 2 weeks earlier comes up to me and asks if Nana liked the frame. I was very impressed that she remembered, and told her that she had a very good memory. It's very rare you find someone in retail where that would happen, so I called the manager the next day to mention how impressed I was. Most people this time of year just hear complaints, so I figured I would give some positive feedback.
- Lucas has become very helpful around the house. It's great having him set the table and clean up afterwards. He loves being in charge of changing the garbages and wants to shovel every single day!
- We're going to the Rangers game tomorrow night. It is the annual Teddy Bear Toss and Lucas is looking forward to throwing our bears on the ice.
- I played near-perfect poker at the HPA event on Saturday, but still only finished third. Of course Steve's 66 would make a straight against my justice.
- Went out on Friday night with some friends from the UW basketball games. 4 of us went to the Huether for some food and a few drinks. It was a good time, even though Candice sat on my sunglasses in the car.
- One week till Duran Duran. Woo-hoo.
- I firmly believe that Andrew and Dan are the biggest morons to ever run the Amazing Race. I can't believe that they're in the running for the final leg. Those guys could mess anything up. What made me laugh this week was right after the Speed Bump when they had finished dancing, and had to go get their next clue from the woman with the pony, who was standing no more than ten feet away....and when they read their clue, it said "Travel on foot." So ridiculous.
- Sucks that Survivor was one of those lame recap shows last week. Boo.