Tuesday, August 18, 2009

August 18, 2009

I just finished watching Big Brother, and I have to say that this season has the craziest cast by far. Apparently there is some sort of psychological evaluation that CBS uses when screening potential houseguests, but this season whatever they were using failed miserably.

Chima was an absolute nutcase, and it was clear that she needed to be removed from the house for her actions. I'm glad that they went back and showed the repeated offenses from earlier in the season, so that Chima's ridiculous claim that she quit the game instead of being removed from the house could be exposed as a lie. Kevin brought up the best point about her actions, though, that she was potentially screwing her friends left in the house out of the prize by being removed from the game, as her vote in the Jury house could mean the difference between winning and losing should Kevin, Lydia, or Natalie make it to the final.

Natalie is an infantile moron. The whole scene about how Chima's microphone 'dropped' into the hot tub showed what an idiot she really is, and her rant about how Michelle forced Chima;s actions is typical point-outward blame behaviour. It's always someone else's fault. I was so disgusted by Natalie in this episode that I have decided to forfeit my bet with Cheryl at work. Even if by some strange chance, Natalie outlasts Jeff, I don't want to win the bet. It's official...I forfeit...I lose. I couldn't in good conscience accept a prize that I won on behalf of someone as reprehensible as her.

Lydia is insane. Flat out insane. The whole scene with Jordan at the HoH competition was idiotic, and her drunken ranting just made no sense. I won't even waste any more words on her.

Jeff is proving to be a real class act. He keeps his word, and he pretty much handed HoH reigns to Russell and Jordan so far. He has put his trust in them, and I don't think it will backfire. He's playing the game really well, and if he makes the Final Two, he can't not be voted the winner.

I'll be interested to see Chima's next press release after watching the show tonight. More fireworks I'm sure.

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