Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Big Brother Recap: "No Wonder America Hates Me"

Tonight's episode of Big Brother feature the weekly POV competition. Will Adam or Dominic be able to save their Duo from the chopping block? Who's causing all the shenanigans? And why is Rachel in the bushes?

My Random Thoughts:

- Rachel’s sing-song voice in the Diary Room is really getting to me, along with her constant obsession with floaters. 2 seasons now, and every time I hear her, I want to rip my own ears off. And those furry boots she is wearing in the house are ridiculous.

- Everybody was in fight mode this episode: houseguests telling Adam and Dominic to “fight” after nominations, everyone talking about “fighting for the veto”, along with supportive messages to “keep on fighting." I felt like it was an MMA pre-card special.

- Adam’s shirt said “Put Bacon on my Bacon”, which made me laugh, and reminded me of a wonderful sandwich that I once wrote a post about.

- Lawon seems to serve no purpose yet this season other than to wear bright coloured clothing and give us exaggerated Diary Room soundbites. Step your game up, Lawon!
- Watching Dominic’s flirty relationship with Danielle makes me think I’m watching a Bruno Mars video featuring Jason Mraz. Seriously, when did this whole panama hat phase become such a big deal? Seeing Dominic flirting constantly with Dani makes me wish Evel Dick was still in the house…and I just realized that Evel Dick’s initials are ED, which makes me laugh.

- Rachel’s hatred of Cassi amounted to what Cassi astutely described as “jealous petty girl shenanigans”, although I would have called it a “pissy, sorority fight.” Let’s go over what Cassi was called in this episode, shall we? The tally: someone who can’t be trusted, fake, a snake, a liar, shady, and my personal favourite…SUPER shady (which may or may not be Eminem’s little sister.)
- I love that Jeff and Jordan are already tiring of Rachel. I’m only shocked that it took 14 days. Jeff even went so far as to compare Rachel to a gnat and say “I need some “Rachel-off.”

- The Veto competition was a Candyland fantasy that had the competitors needing to walk and chew gum at the same time, which Jordan informed us that she was indeed able to do (although not very quickly.) I liked the added element of the optional 2 weeks of slop if you fall of the beam. It was very similar to Survivor’s “if you want to eat instead, you can drop out of the immunity challenge”, showing those who are feeling complacent in the game and always resulting in bitter feelings. This actually affected Adam more than anyone since he was throwing the challenge, because if he fell off the beam, and didn’t take the Slop-tional penalty, then they would have known he was throwing the challenge.

- Jordan: “I think if I had more balls in my mouth, I probably would have looked like a gerbil or something.” Jordan, please stop stealing Rachel’s sexual innuendo comments during challenges.

- Jordan fell off the beam and immediately went for the Slop Penalty to get back in the game, but Jeff insisted that she stay out. For the record, perceptions aside, it was actually a pretty smart move by Jeff to make sure Jordan didn’t take the Slop Penalty, since she didn’t have a chance to win anyways.
Rachel then went off the deep end, hurling nasty comments at Jordan and Jeff, and then falling off the beam, taking the penalty, and falling off right away again. Be honest…how hard did you laugh when Rachel fell off the second time?

- Dominic won the POV, and then celebrated with what may be the most awkward man-hug I’ve ever seen. Did you see that? When Adam came up to celebrate his victory as Dominic was up on the platform still, Adam’s face was right at Dominic’s crotch, and Dom then put his hand on Adam’s head! Wow…did that really happen?

- After the POV, Jeff called Rachel out on her behavior, and she, in turn, stomped off into the bushes to cry. What an infant. I mentioned in my last post that she just has no idea how to play the social aspect of this game…she’s literally a social moron. There’s no other way to describe it.

- Then she went on to Brendon how Jeff “had no right to yell at me”, but she can apparently say whatever she wants about Jordan. Typical bully behavior…dish it out but never take it.

- Was Shelley even in the house this week? Even in the HoH room meeting with her, Cassi, Jeff and Jordan, did she even say a word?
- So Dominic obviously removed himself and Adam from the chopping block and they were replaced by Cassi and Shelley. I think this was a huge opportunity missed by Jordan and Jeff--and Danielle, for that matter. If they could have ditched Brenchel and replaced them with Cassi and Shelley, they have the same numbers and get Rachel or Brendon out of the game.

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AMcCarthy said...

I agree with you that Jordan missed a HUGE chance. Not only could they have been rid of annoying Rachel, they also would have earned a heck of a lot of respect and trust from the other housemates. And Rachel's smirk after Jordan put up Cassi and Shelly really made me hate her more, if that's even possible..

Michou said...

I wish Cassie could stay.. I am so over Raxhel & Brandon...