Sunday, July 31, 2011

Big Brother Recap: “When Rachel Is Not HoH, It’s Like The Victim Pity Party of The Week.”

When we left off on Thursday’s Live Eviction episode, the houseguests were perched on a wall balancing on a swinging pair of skis, while trying to deal with the wall moving, and fake storms in the backyard. Who would emerge as HoH after the season’s first endurance competition? What is the fallout from the House Meeting Blowup? And why is Adam dressed like an Elf?

My Random Thoughts:

- The completion of the HoH competition took the first third of the episode, and there’s not really a lot to talk about, so I’ll just summarize: Danielle made it look effortless, Lawon, Brendon, and Jordan all became Have Nots for the week, Jeff won $10,000, Shelly talked a good game but still lost, Porsche doesn’t know where her shoulder is, Rachel wanted 10K instead of consoling “her man”, and Adam won the Unitard prize of the season…this year in the form of an Elf Suit.
- Why does Lawon always lean in and yell at the camera in the Diary Room? Is anyone else as tired of this as I am? Plus, he went on and on about how much of a competitor he is…and then he only lasts 19 minutes before falling.

- Rachel’s predictable meltdown began even before the HoH competition ended…did anyone else take joy in seeing that? I loved that she had to hand over the key to Daniele. It’s kind of like in a baseball game, when a player makes an amazing catch to end the inning, and then he leads off at bat right away in the next inning…it was karmic justice that Daniele won HoH right after Dominic got evicted. At least Rachel didn’t chuck the key in the yard in a tantrum like she did last season.

- Kalia made a genuine gesture to Rachel after the HoH competition, and she and Brendon responded by calling her: a pscyho, not worth it, a nobody, a loser, a super-floater AND an all-time floater, crazy, a complainer, and a whiner. Wow…why would anyone ever try to be the bigger person with this pair when this is the way they respond? They get nastier with each episode, don’t they?

- Kalia came up with the best line of the episode, which was the obvious choice for the title of my recap: “when Rachel is not HoH, it’s like the victim pity party of the year.” I love how Rachel tried to negative spin Daniele’s win, pointing out that “she can’t even compete next week”, as if it was irresponsible of Daniele to even try to win because she wouldn’t be able to win the following week. By Rachel’s logic, no one should ever try to win HoH, right?

- In the HoH room, Rachel went on about how no one was interested in Daniele’s room, but they were always interested in the past when the HoH room was unveiled. Newsflash: they were just as disinterested in seeing your HoH room as well, watch the first three weeks on your PVR when you get home, Rachel. I have to wonder why we didn’t see who Daniele’s letter was from…maybe Evel Dick? Or at least some mention of him?

- Lawon, Shelly, and Jordan had a Heart-to-Heart in the backyard about Lawon’s sexuality, where he told a really heartwarming story about his grandmother, and as much as I make fun of everyone on this show, that moment really moved me. I really gained a lot of respect and admiration for Lawon after watching that scene.
- Daniele offered a one-week truce deal to Jeff and Jordan, which they accepted. Smart game play on her part…and a good decision for both sides.

- Adam’s Elf Suit was pretty funny, but he got off pretty easy with it essentially only being a hat and shirt. In the past, the Unitard/Hippie-Tard/Banana Costume, Etc… have always been pretty cumbersome and annoying to the houseguest. I think the Elf Suit was a pretty soft punishment…and actually kind of fun. I mean, ever since Will Ferrell donned a green and yellow suit and made one of the greatest Christmas movies of all-time, who doesn’t love an Elf?

- At the unveiling of the Seaweed and Sardines menu for the Have Nots, I couldn’t really appreciate how disgusting the food choices were, because all I noticed was the fact was that Daniele was essentially naked. Did you see that bathing suit? My god, I’ve seen shoelaces with more material!

- Shocker of all Shockers…Brendon and Rachel are on the block. Daniele said “I’m not afraid to get blood on my hands in this game”, and she proved it with her nominations. Rachel responded by calling Daniele's nominations "100% personal" (take a drink!), and said once again that no one can come between her and her man. No one except Daniele, that is. Bring on the fireworks, this should be an exciting week.
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shipaddict said...

I will be praying to every God I can think of this week that the nominations will stay the same. Is there a Patron Saint of Reality Shows? Maybe he/she can help ...

AMcCarthy said...

I laughed so hard when Porsche pointed at her elbow and said that her shoulder hurt. Blonde much?

Also, I can't decide who needs to go home more, Brendon or Rachel. I feel like Brendon going home is a good choice for every one since he's winning the POVs and is a strong competitor. However, sending Rachel home will get rid of all the unnecessary whining in the house and someone who wrecks havoc with everyone's emotions and creates drama in EVERY situation. Although Brendon said that if he won the veto he would use it on Rachel, but I bet if either one of them does, they decide to send Rachel home instead since Brendon would have a better chance at bringing home the dough for both of them.

Lawon's moment on the couch also really tugged at my heartstrings too.

That's all, I swear. :P

Anonymous said...

I think Brendon should go home. That way we can watch Rachel fall apart :)

Kurt Sahr said...


While I agree that Brendon is much more likely to win the $500,000 if he stays in the house, I don't think they'll take Brendon off the block if they win the PoV, they'll take off Rachel. As much as they say "Play strategically, not emotionally" they do pretty much the exact opposite.

And while I'm absolutely rooting for Rachel to go home, a part of me will miss her when she's gone as drama makes good TV. When she left last year, I got a lot less mad at the TV, but the show was generally less entertaining.

Sean said...

My biggest fear is that Brendon will win the POV and use it on Rachel...which is a disgusting thought because there is a 0% chance she would do the same. AMcCarthy brings up a great point that Brendon could win the money while Rachel couldn't, but she could never see that since she's all about herself.

Kurt Sahr, yes...drama makes good TV, but there's a fine line. Players like Coach or Phillip on Survivor make great TV because they're fun in their silliness and over-the-top behaviour. But nasty people (who may or may not be insane) like NaOnka (Survivor), Natalie (Big Brother), or Rachel...have zero redeeming qualities and do not make good television at all.