Friday, July 1, 2011

Big Brother Preview: New Houseguests Meet Old Duos

The new season of Big Brother premieres on Thursday, July 7th, and earlier this week, CBS revealed a partial list of contestants (hamsters) for this summer. There are 8 new faces, who will apparently be housed with some of Big Brother's most famous/infamous duos from past seasons.

While CBS hasn't announced who, or how many, of these duos will be in the house for this season, they have provided a list of pairs that the selections wiill presumably be chosen from. That list is as follows:

Brendan and Rachel from Season 12 (Please God, no. I can't take that laugh again.)
Jeff and Jordan from Season 11 (Are these guys the new Rob and Amber? They're everywhere.)
Dr. Will and Mike Boogie fom Season 2 and All-Stars (This would be my vote, but a third time on the show? And 2 previous winners? Really?)
Jesse and Natalie from Season 10/11 (I just threw up in my mouth a little.)
Evel Dick and Danielle from Season 8 (This would be some good TV.)
Hayden and Enzo from Season 12 (Somewhere, Brigade member Lane Elenberg is furious.)
I think that it will end up being 3 Duos that are in the game. If you look at the picture of the memory wall above (taken from this season's house), there are 14 spots. Factoring in the 8 "new" houseguests, that leaves room for 6 more = 3 Duos. I have read a theory that the Duos have to play as pairs, and not individuals, and that all 6 of those pairs will be in the game, but I don't buy it. 20 people in the house, and pairs vs. singles? Seems odd. And where are Lane and Britney from Season 12 on that list? Wouldn't that have been a good choice?

For those of you that found my blog through my Survivor or Amazing Race Recaps, or perhaps through SirlinksalotTV Clubhouse or, I am happy to announce that I will be recapping the entire season of Big Brother this summer.  A couple of things you should know:

1) My recaps will always be based on the TV airings of Big Brother. I do not, and will not, be watching or reading any info from the live feeds. Please keep that in mind as I intend to keep the entire season on my site SPOILER-FREE.
2) As with my Survivor and Amazing Race recaps, the Big Brother recaps should be online and live within an hour of the show ending on the East Coast.
3) I will not be able to watch the Season Premiere on July 7th, so my recap will likely be up on the weekend once I get to see the episode.

Big Brother fans, feel free to bookmark the site or add your name as a Follower on the sidebar to the left. You can also add me on Facebook or on Twitter, where I post all of the recaps as soon as they go up. Don’t forget to mouse over the pictures for captions, and please leave a Comment in the Comments section if you’re so inclined.

See you this Season!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing this!
You know "Dr. Will & Booger" is just part of the smoke screen, right?


Joey said...

Am I the only one who thought Rachel was funny? Haha.

God I hope it's not Hayden and Enzo! Meow Meow?

UnclePeJay said...

I hope Evil Dick and Dani come back, as well as Rachel and Brendon. I SO want Dick to tear a new one into Rach an Bren for their play last year. LOL.