Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Big Brother Recap: "Daniele Plays Both Sides and Jordan Thinks About Farting”

Adam and Dominic are back on the block for the second week in a row, but will The Mama’s Boy (or the Metalhead) be able to save themselves once again by winning the Power of Veto? Why is everyone covered in soap? And why is Jordan thinking about farting?

My Random Thoughts:

- Adam is such a sap. Right after the nomination ceremony, he and Dominic were talking to Rachel in the Have Not room, and he thanked her, saying “you’re giving us a chance to play for our lives." He came across as grateful for being nominated. I know that he’s a superfan, and ruffling feathers in the house is never the way to go, especially when you’re on the block, but thanking the HoH for nominating you? Outrageous.
- Dominic had another flirty conversation with Dani, trying to get her on his side and sway Brenchel into targeting Jeff and Jordan. He told her “I trust you 100% as long as you protect me this week”, which made me laugh. He also later told Brendon and Rachel that he trusts them 100%, and when asked if everything was ok with him being nominated, he answered “100%” So, here’s the lesson: when Dom says something is 100%, it is definitely NOT 100%.

- Dani then talked to Brendon and Rachel about actually making that big move, and it seemed like they were on board. At least I think that’s what they were talking about, but I wasn’t paying attention that closely because I was trying to figure out what they were doing on the bed. It seemed like they were laying out a bunch of glasses and dropping things in each one. What were those? M&M’s? Skittles? By the way, has anyone seen the new Skittles commercial…very very creepy.

- In the tub, Rachel’s breast was blurred, kind of like her reality. RACHEL BURN!
- Did you see Danielle’s ripped jeans? Look, I know that’s what the kids are doing these days, but that was ridiculous…there was more rip than jeans. Maybe the extra draft in those pants caused her to be overly aggressive with her strategy suggestions, but she clearly tipped her hand, and once Brenchel talked with Jeff and Jordan, it became clear to all 4 of them that the only one who could benefit by them turning on each other would be Dani.

- Jeff and Jordan were selected by “random draw” for the POV competition, meaning that Jeff, Jordan, Brendon and Rachel have all participated in every POV competition. Go ahead, people, let your conspiracy theories abound…

- Porsche was selected as the host for the POV, and internally celebrated by thinking “I get to talk this week!”

- The POV competition itself was another spelling competition, just like the last 2 seasons. It was a frenzy that came across like an Ibiza foam party, as the houseguests raced to pull lettered pool noodles out of giant fake legs to try and make the longest word. Jordan contemplated FARTING, Kalia talked about her hair phobia, Adam looked for “P in the pool!”, and Rachel choked on the suds…which was clearly not the first time her gag reflex has ever been activated. RACHEL BURN #2!!!

- Brendon won the POV with a 13-letter-word (UNDERSTANDING), and after not being able to use the word “emasculate” or “explicitly” properly, I have concluded that he just has trouble with words that start with ‘e’.

- 8:41 pm was the first moment I even noticed that Shelly was still in the house. But she made a big splash by talking to the vets about Dominic and Dani’s agenda, which really outed the entire plan, and confirmed their suspicions. As an added bonus for the Veterans (minus Dani), this seemed to solidify them in terms of unity going forward. If they can stick to their allegiance to each other (and avoid any speed bumps caused by Rachel’s insanity), it should be clear sailing for them with the game shifting to an individual game, especially with Shelly and Porsche on the periphery of their alliance.
- After that, it was pretty obvious that Brendon wasn’t going to use the POV, so it’ll either be the Metalhead or the Virgin talking to the Chenbot tomorrow night in the studio. I think it’ll be Dominic voted out unanimously.

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Anonymous said...

1st time reading your update! HILARIOUS!! I'll definitely be back!

Choirchick22 said...

Pretty sure they were playing Mancala. Which I'm surprised they know how to play since it's a rather unheard of game. Sad to see Dom (most likely) going. I really want Dom and Dani to take it. I can't stand Brenchel and J/J just bug me with their paranoia.