Monday, September 7, 2009

September 7, 2009

The restaurant at the casino in Brantford recently changed their menu, and they've added a bunch of new items. Whenever I would order food there, I would have to decide between the all-day breakfast, the open-faced chicken sandwich, the steak sandwich, or sometimes just a steak. But now, they've introduced a new item, and I can't order anything else.

It's called the Back Bacon BLT, and it has nice thick peameal bacon, topped with cheese, lettuce and tomato, and slices of crispy bacon, on a nice soft ciabatta bun. heard that right, bacon ON bacon. I've had it a few times and always recommend it to people. Seriously, take a look at how good it looks.
So, I'm there on Friday night with my friend Norm, and I order my regular sandwich with my favourite server Amy...and somehow get talked into a Bud Light Lime by Norm...big mistake. I obviously order mine without tomato or mayo, and no pickle or coleslaw on the side. If that's confusing to you at all, I suggest you read my post on the evils of condiments.

Anyways, Norm and I are sitting at our table later that night, and one of the players at our table is going on a meal break, and he asks what to order. I obviously pitch the Back Bacon BLT, and he ends up ordering it and coming back very happy. After that, Mark, another player from our table, decides that he's going to go down and get it as well.

As Mark is on his dinner, I decide I'm going to go down for a piece of Key Lime Pie, so I'm walking in the restaurant, and I see Mark ordering his meal with Amy, who I just realized that night looks exactly like Christina Applegate, so I'll put this picture up to add to the dramatic storytelling.
It turns out that just before I walked up, Mark was telling Amy that a guy at his table had recommended this sandwich to him, and she asked what he looked like. He was describing me, and as he was, I was walking in...and he saw me and pointed at me and said "He looks just like that." Amy turns around, already smiling and says "I knew it was you." I laughed and then she asked me "You're back for Key Lime Pie?"

She's good.

(Thanks to Mark for sneaking that pic of the sandwich to use in this post.)


Anonymous said... obviously next time I've topped up my comp enough, its certainly not going to be used for a meat loaf dinner. Gotta find out if all the fuss about B on B is really true.

Cori said...

Hey Sean, the last time I ate at the Brantford Casino I was so disappointed. WE had heard that the buffet was good and it definitely was not. Especially when you compare it to the one at Seneca Casino in Niagara Falls NY. Now that is a buffet! I actually live in Brantford now and I have to be honest, I never go to the casino, although I am not a poker nut. My husband sometimes goes and plays... maybe you guys will run into each other.... still lovin your blog by the way. Wish I could be as consistant with my blog! LOL

Rob said...


Rob said...

Hi Sean-sorry about the previous comment-dsfhg,but it means that as you keep eating those sandwiches,i will come and see you when you have your angioplasty,but dont worry,it is not to bad,i had mine done 7 years Anyway,played Omaha yesterday,and i tell you,it will be hard going back to hold em.Also,talked to yor cousin Joe about his need to hear it from him.I laughed for 10 minutes straight.Well maybe i will see you at the tables and stay off the coke...a cola.

Sean said...

Cori, thanks for the kind words...glad you're enjoying reading. The buffet at the Casino is long gone, but the food off the menu is generally pretty good.

You want a good buffet...go to the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Or anyplace in Las Vegas for that matter. Except for the one in the Paris hotel and casino...that one was horrible.

Rob, looking forward to the Omaha. We'll chat next time I'm there.