Sunday, August 28, 2011

No More Big Brother Recaps

I should have just quit a couple of weeks ago when I said I would. After yet another ridiculous set-up by CBS to rig the outcome of Big Brother, I am finished with recapping this show. 100% (Take a final drink.)

I've always maintained that this site will be Spoiler-Free, so I won't reveal the details, but you'll see in the next two episodes.

For those of you that enjoy and have enjoyed my recaps, please come back in September when I will be recapping the new seasons of Survivor and The Amazing Race, so please bookmark the site, or add me on Facebook or Twitter. All recaps will be posted within one hour of the show ending on the East Coast.

Thanks for reading this season.


clara said...

Sean, hang in there! I love your posts 100%. even if you think it is rigged you can still write about it being rigged. I love your recaps!!! 100%!!!

Michou said...

I did too, thanks .. I will continue watching it but I hope Jordon and Rachel go oome soon..

Anonymous said...

I know it's frustrating (I checked out the live blogs because you got me curious) but I do wish you would change your mind Sean. Misery loves company, and it's getting pretty silly/obvious that CBS doesn't do "twists" they do setups and I think they intentionally wait to see what plays out and change what their "twists" are based on that.

I'd like to see their season laid out for the that WE KNOW THE TWISTS. That way, we would have a heads up on what the Pandora's box twist was. That way it locks CBS into not changing things in their favor (except for rigging votes, ha!). If I would have known that Week X was Pandora's box and the twist was a week of pairs, I (and everyone watching) could have swallowed that a bit better. Instead it seemed lame and contrived and opportunistic. Bravo CBS at having the best episode of the season on Thursday and having the 2nd crappiest episode right after. That takes skill.

And seriously...Porsche...your alliance was in a great position and you took a major risk at this point in the game!? You're useless.

Anyway Sean, even you bashed CBS each week I would still read your blog. It helps ease the pain. lol

If you don't come back....Peace. I enjoyed the read (unfortunately I don't enjoy the other shows you recap). If you decide to pull a "CBS Re-Brendon'ing" then your readership will be much content. :)

Yak said...

Rigged? Hard to say. Either way, what's the difference? The show is boring with out a little contrived action and most reality shows seem scripted to a degree.

We enjoy your blog so pls keep posting otherwise we'll feel ripped off by YOU after following all season. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I don't blame you for quitting - I am doing the same thing, in that I am no longer going to watch the show or the feeds. Alison Grodner and her cronies should be ashamed of themselves, and Endemol should be outraged at how the terrific premise of Big Brother has been turned into something totally unrecognizable. This isn't what Endemol intended at all.

I'm sick of the interference (America's Player? bull). I have 2 wishes - that Grodner and her crew are removed from the show, and new producers are brought in who have respect for the game, and for the viewers. My 2nd wish - that a former houseguest writes a "tell all" and shames Grodner into oblivion.

Sean said...

I Appreciate the kind words...I really do...except for Yak suggesting that I'm ripping you off...

But it's not only that I'm so aggravated with the show for all of the reasons I've mentioned. But now there are reports that Shelly is so hated because of her flip on Jeff, voting him out, that now her family is receiving death threats...and her 8-year-old daughter is being threatened with physical harm, and even worse.

And some wingnuts have started a campaign urging people to file false claims of molestation and child abuse so that Shelly loses her daughter...and calling her workplace asking for her to be fired.

It pains me to think that anyone who could do this could have accidentally stumbled upon my blog and read my satirical, sarcastic comments and taken them seriously. As loyal readers would know, I'm a sarcastic prick, but I rarely say anything for any reason other than comic or entertainment purposes.

I want nothing to do with this show anymore. It's disheartening.

Thank you once again for your support. Anonymous who posted above at 12:18, email me at, and we'll chat more.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty much the biggest Jeff lover I've ever met, I think he's just too cute, and yes I was upset he left, but I also know it is a GAME! I was shocked to read about the Shelley hatred you mentioned. People are just fu@cked up. Whether it was smart for her game remains to be seen, but to threaten someone's family over it? Ridiculous!

Choirchick22 said...

:O I dunno what happened since I stopped watching a while back, but that is CRAZY about Shelly's family! I can't believe the looneys in this world.

Dan said...

I agree that the Shelly stuff is beyond ridiculous. I also can't help but wonder as much as I dislike Shelly if BB had shown the world the REAL Jeff instead of the golden boy edit, would Shelly be getting so much hate? (although as far as Shelly with what they had to work with, they could have made her look MUCH worse than she has.)

I do hope you will reconsider though. I get what you are saying, I do. But rigging the show is nothing new since season 1 when they tried to bribe someone to leave so they could put a sexy little shit stirrer in the house.

I don't think Survivor or The Amazing Race are nessecarily any better, and they definitley all do it to a degree.

Survivor seems less obvious about it, but they have the benefit of waiting till the show is over to form their version of reality.

Either way it will be sad to see you go.I just found your blog this season and I love it. I will definitley be back for your Survivor reviews.

Yak said...

Hey Sean, I was just teasing you with the feeling "ripped off" remark. It was just my way of commenting that we all enjoy your writing and now it's gone but sorry if I upset you or came across harsh - not my intention.

I know how tough it is to update a blog continually, especially if your heart is not in it.

The show does seem a shadow of it's former self, less pure certainly, but it is what it is and it's probably jumped the shark so they need to "stimulate" things. I don't think they're trying to manipulate the outcome so much as inject a little tension and suspense.

They've had Pandora's Box the past few seasons and Porsche did not have to open it. In fact, if she didn't, Rachel or Jordan would have been sent packing last night with no duo twist.


UnclePeJay said...

Sean, thanks for all the recaps you do. I fully understand your decision to stop. I agree the powers that be rig just about everything on this show. If you look back at Lawon's diary, you'll see that he kept glancing down as if he was reading a script. (he probably was, LOL). Anyway, how about giving us a wrap up after the finale?

Sean said...

UnclePeJay, that's not a bad idea...maybe I'll post something after the Finale, but not right away. The Season Finale airs right before the Survivor: South Pacific Premiere, and that will have to take priority.

The Survivor recap will be up within an hour of the show ending on the 14th, and then perhaps I'll get something together to sum up Big Brother.