Monday, September 12, 2011

Survivor South Pacific "Preview"

Survivor South Pacific premieres on Wednesday night, and I'm pleased to announce that I will be doing another full season of recaps. After a painful season of Big Brother, I'm happy that both Survivor and The Amazing Race are starting in September, because Summer Reality TV has been weak to say the least...except for Masterchef.

As with previous seasons, I was originally planning on looking at all of the cast bios and putting together some sort of comprehensive advance "preview" of this season, but then I decided that I would rather go in blind on Wednesday night like I did with Survivor Redemption Island. Having said that, I will give a few "Random Thoughts" on this upcoming season.

My Random Thoughts

- I think that Ozzy and Coach as the returning castaways will lead to some good TV, because they weren't as polarizing as Rob and Russell were. Ozzy is a major threat, and Coach is in the love-him-or-hate-him category (for the record...LOVE him!), but if you're going to bring two more back, I think these two are good choices.

- I'm not pleased with the return of Redemption Island, but I've accepted that even in all of its ridiculous-ness, it may be here to stay. It's an easier pill to swallow than discovering that Big Brother was wholly (100%) fixed this summer.

- Considering that Ozzy is so dominant at challenges, it might be a better plan for him to just get voted out early and take his chances on Redemption Island one-on-one instead of battling everyone.

- I'll be interested to see if Brandon Hantz (Russell's nephew) gives up that relationship information to the rest of his tribe.

- I've heard that this season, there will be no clues to the hidden Immunity Idol. I hope that's true, since it's been rather laughable how easily they have been found in the past few seasons.

My recap of the premiere will be a snapshot of my initial impressions of each Survivor, along with a couple of Random Thoughts on the overall episode. After that, you can expect a regular Random Thoughts recap after each episode, usually up within 30-60 minutes of when the episode airs on the East Coast. I hope to get a lot of Comments in the Comments section after each episode, so let's keep the conversation going strong!

Check back here on Wednesday night by 10:00 pm ET for my recap of the season premiere, and if you're an Amazing Race fan, keep in mind that I will be recapping the upcoming season (premiering September 25th) as well.

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See you Wednesday.


Choirchick22 said...

I cannot wait to see how the Hantz kid plays. I'm not happy with them bringing back Coach. He was too whiny for me. BUUUT we'll see. I'm pretty excited for the season to start.

shipaddict said...

I am extremely ambivalent about the Hantz kid. He claims he is not at all like his uncle. We'll see about that. He says he is from my town (Katy TX) so he seriously better not embarrass us.
Coach says he is bringing back the Dragonslayer. Well there's our built in drinking game for the season. Anytime he mentions Dragonslayer, Dragon, Wizard, or any of his new pet names for people -- you guessed it -- drink up.
LOVE Ozzy! I'm excited to see him back this season. If they continue the trend of bringing back past players, I hope in a future season they bring back Tyson.

R.P. McMurphy said...

Looking forward to a new season and to your recaps! Glad to see Coach back and very curious about another Hantz being onthe show.

Eudaemon said...

Looking forward to your recaps and thoughts once again Sean! Ozzy is strong in challenges, but he cannot expect to beat everyone in everything eg. balance, weight endurance. But at RI, he will have an easier time as he might not go against the females in such duels. So we'll see if he manages to benefit from RI.