Sunday, August 21, 2011

Big Brother Recap: “I Think I’m The Saddest Girl In A Sombrero…Ever.”

Thursday night’s Live Eviction Show saw America’s (Not Real) Choice Brendon get evicted for the second time, and the houseguests competing in a soapy HoH challenge. Who would overcome the slips and slides to become the new HoH, and who would they nominate?

My Random Thoughts:

- At the end of Thursday’s show, The Chenbot told us that this coming Thursday will be a Double Eviction episode, which makes me ask the obvious question: Why the hell would you let someone re-enter the game if you’re having a Double Eviction episode only 2 weeks later? Just more proof that CBS is rigging this season to favor the veterans, as I’ve said all along.

- In the HoH competition, ‘All Washed Up’, Shelly was competing for Josie (shocker) while doing really weird things with her tongue, Jordan was at a severe disadvantage because of the added weight of a soaked Humilitard, Jeff kept choking on bubbles, Kalia may have been able to move faster running backwards, and Adam had a major wipe-out. After 90 minutes, of slipping, sliding, and suds-swallowing, Jeff had won HoH.
As I said at the end of my last recap, "you can expect the first 10 minutes of Sunday’s episode to be footage of the houseguests wiping out before Jeff wins."

- Rachel talked about Daniele, Kalia, and Porsche being disappointed at not winning the HoH competition, and said “Come on girls. At least when you win, I pretend like I’m happy.” What planet is this freak from? When Daniele and Kalia won HoH, she was the first one to sulk, bitch, and complain, and constantly act like a petulant child. If that’s pretending like she’s happy, God help anyone when she’s actually upset.

- Freak-Job Rachel then said that now that Jeff is HoH, “I definitely need my alliance.” Of course…when Jeff said he couldn’t vote for Brendon to stay, you were an ass to him, and you talked about him and Jordan being your “#1 target”, but now that Jeff has the power in the house, you’re suddenly best friends again.

- Shelly was the first one to point that out after the HoH competition (although you’d have to be a blind monkey to have missed it), and talked about how much she couldn’t stand Rachel. Have you ever seen two people in the same alliance despise each other so much?

- I loved Jeff’s line at revealing his HoH room: “Put on a fake face like everyone else does and get up here.” He got pictures of his parents, his nieces, and some fish, as well as a box of Lucky Charms and a letter from his brother. Nice to see a family side of Jeff, and hear how close he is with his nieces. You have to think that Jeff would be a pretty cool uncle to have if you’re a kid, wouldn’t he?
- Shelley told Rachel to stop rolling her eyes and talking behind her back (??), and Rachel didn’t respond, although in a Diary Room session, she said she wanted to tell Shelly “a few things…or two.” What the hell does that mean?

- Shelly has never heard of pears, pita, hummus, avocado, guacamole, or coconut water? Then she told Daniele, “you’re always cuttin’ up vegetables and makin’ vegetable sandwiches”…and she didn’t even say it matter-of-fact, she said it rather accusingly. I guess if it’s not peanut butter or you can’t shoot it with a crossbow, it doesn’t find it’s way into Shelly’s kitchen.
- Interesting swerve on the Have/Have Not angle this week, with the HoH deciding who will be Have Nots instead of having a competition. I liked the social game at play with this little switch-up. Sucks for Daniele to be a Have Not for her birthday and be limited to slop, eggs, and jalapenos. Can you make a birthday cake from that?

- I’ve mentioned this before, but it drives me insane how almost every conversation on this show takes place while people are lying in bed. Are you really too lazy to even be able to sit upright to have a discussion? And it’s not like you even see it happen just because they happen to be lying down in bed…how many times have you seen them walk into a room to talk, and then climb into bed, under the covers, to have that conversation? See what I mean in the pictures below...and try to get past the fact that Porsche looks like she's about to murder someone.

- Jeff confirmed to Daniele that their “deal” was still strong, and that she wasn’t going up as a nominee or a replacement nominee, but he also had to get her to admit that she wouldn’t use the veto if she won it. As a result, Daniele said she likely won’t try to win it. Whether that’s true or not, I’m not sure.

- Porsche awkwardly tried to talk to Jeff about nominations after 49 days of just existing in the house with complete disregard for the game at hand. Credit to Jeff for not laughing in her face at that conversation.
- Jeff ended up nominating Porsche and Kalia, fulfilling his promise to Kalia to get her back for putting him on the block, and making Porsche feel some heat for the first time since Week One, when she narrowly survived a 6-4 vote vs. Keith the Pervert. I wonder why Rachel was the first key pulled…was that a message that Jeff trusts her in their alliance?

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Choirchick22 said...

I'm no longer watching the show, just reading your posts. How does double elimination work? Do both of the people on the block go home?

Sean said...

What a compliment that you're still reading my recaps and not watching the show! Thanks!

Double Eviction weeks have the original Live Eviction, then an immediate HoH competition (usually a quiz), immediate nominations, a POV competition right away, and then another live vote. No time for secret deals and strategy, the whole "week" goes down in about 10 minutes.