Thursday, August 25, 2011

Big Brother Recap: "Double Eviction...All The Way."

Tonight's episode of Big Brother finds Dani up against Kalia for eviction. No time for small talk…this is a Double Eviction Episode, so let’s get right to it…

My Random Thoughts:

- When the hell did Jeff turn into “Big Jeff”? Does the only Jeff in the house need a qualifier? Sure, he’s a strapping lad, but it’s not like he exceptionally tall…or big, really. And what’s the deal with calling yourself “Big Jeff”? In my Survivor recaps two seasons ago, I mentioned every week how ridiculous it was that we had a “Purple Kelly”, but at least she never called herself Purple Kelly.
- Shelly correctly identified that she could never beat Jeff and Jordan at the end of the game, and tried to swing the house in favour of keeping Daniele and working with her as part of an alliance. She tried to sway Adam, who was reluctant, but found an ally in the unlikeliest of places…RACHEL!

- Once Psycho Rachel found out that Jeff threw the POV competition the week that Brendon was evicted, Rachel apparently decided that she didn’t want to work with Jeff and Jordan anymore. Now, I understand that this would be pretty upsetting to Rachel, but if you’re going to do something about it and flip because you are offended that Brendon got evicted, why would you go with the one who NOMINATED HIM??

- After our recap of events in the house, the Chenbot told us that the houseguests just exploded “when Jeff learned that Shelly has flipped once again.” Damn, I wish I could have seen that, but it’s pretty odd for Julie to tell us what just happened as they were sitting there during the live show.

- Daniele’s “farewell” speech was a carbon copy of Dominic’s “Spineless Jellyfish” rant. Sounds like the go-to speech when you know you’re getting evicted. The scoffing look on Rachel’s face made it pretty clear that she wasn’t actually going to vote for Daniele, even though we were led to believe she had flipped. Daniele was voted out 3-2.
- Rachel proved once again that she has absolutely no interest in trying to win the game when her goodbye message to Daniele featured her saying “I could care less about your stupid jury vote.” Yep…it’s pretty clear that you don’t care about anyone’s Jury Vote. Newsflash Rachel: Jury Votes aren’t stupid…they’re pretty crucial, actually. Full credit to Daniele for offering no rebuttal other than to say “how can you edit something like that?” What a perfect response.

- Kalia won the “Before or After” HoH competition, which clearly frustrated the veteran alliance of Jeff, Jordan, and Rachel since they knew that two of them would end up being nominated. Before the nominations, we eavesdropped on the houseguests, where we got to see some real quality TV as someone burped on their microphone (Shelly, I think), and Kalia complained about her outfit before nominating Jeff and Rachel.

- I really hate when they get behind time in these Double Eviction episodes, and as a result, Julie Chen has to race through her pre-written speeches and competition questions. Slow down, woman! You sound like an auctioneer!

- With the house so firmly divided (Jeff, Rachel, Jordan, Adam vs. Kalia, Shelly, Porsche), and Jeff and Rachel on the block, regardless of the POV results, it would end up being a 2-2 tie vote anyways, with Kalia breaking the tie as the HoH, so the house was going to end up being 3 vs 3 at the end of this “week” anyways…it was just a matter of who would be leaving from the alliance of 4.

- Porsche won the POV competition, but did you see that shot of Jeff as he was flinging balls out of his bin? He had thrown his shoe out of the bin and it was laying outside of the bin on the side!!! Look at the picture below that I took during the episode. Talk about someone being over-exuberant and causing their own demise!
Despite Jeff complimenting Porsche’s hair, and pointing out that he used his veto on her last week, Porsche predictably left the nominations the same, and even stuck it to Jeff and Rachel by saying it’s what Daniele would have wanted her to do. Ouch.

- What’s the point of “eavesdropping on the house” if the volume cuts out (presumably due to swearing by the houseguests) every time we listen in?

- Even though Jeff begged and begged for votes, the second eviction vote was an obvious 2-2 tie, and Kalia relished in her duty to single-handedly evict Jeff from the house. After a week where Jeff shoved the concept of “retribution” in her face, it was a heaping serving of “just desserts” for Big Jeff. Too bad you chucked that shoe out of your bin...

- The big move that made this happen was Shelly’s flip, and as upset as Jeff was about being evicted by people “who slept for 55 days and just woke up”, from a game play standpoint, it was a smart move, and the only move that gives any of the newbies a shot to win. That includes you, Adam.
- As much as I enjoyed Rachel’s spiraling over Brendon’s exit, it was tough to watch Jordan be so distraught over Jeff leaving. It was even worse watching Rachel fake-cry with her on the couch as the show ended.

One quick note, I will be recapping Sunday’s episode as usual, but I will not be recapping next week’s Wednesday or Thursday episode, as I won’t be able to watch them until the weekend. I’ll still put something together after I watch them, but it won’t be online right after the episode as usual.

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shipaddict said...

The houseguests should have voted out Rachel so she could spend the rest of the summer with her FIANCE Brendon. And wouldn't Dani have loved to be the 3rd wheel with those 2?? If I had been in that house, I SO would have voted just for that. 100%.

Jeff W. said...

So why was Rachel fake-crying with Jordan tonight? Was it because Jeff was voted out or the fact that she won’t get to the jury house to see her buki or whatever-the-hell she calls that thing? If the latter, then maybe the house did the right thing and Shelly is a genius! Of course, this means we’ll be stuck with Red Devil til the final two. I’d been noticing Jeff referring to himself as “Big Jeff” for the past couple of episodes, and it was driving me up the wall. (It seriously could’ve been a drinking game right there.) I actually might’ve done a sofa dance when he walked out the door knowing I’ll never have to hear that third-person referral again. One thing I learned tonight, Big Jeff, is that the female Joe Dirt DEFINITELY has a big sack. This show just got interesting again!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree with you more Jeff W...on every point really. The fake crying by Rachel was laughable. "Big" Jeff was also driving me nuts. He had turned out to be quite a bully so I was very happy when he got booted. Nice to see Kalia not eff up her noms this time too.

I know Shelly is a flip-flopper, but she made a bold smart move for her game and this is the first time in the game that she deserves kudos. She does indeed have large gonads.

Was sorry to see Dani go. Loved rooting for the underdog. She fought hard to stay. Everyone kept saying how Jeff was a competitor but I thought Dani was more so than him.

Not sure who to root for now...

- Kalia is useless.
- Adam is even more useless.
- Porsche is finally waking up.
- Shelly finally picked a side.
- Jordan already won BB once (everyone seems to forget this?) and is just as much a floater as anybody.
- Rachel...honestly, I don't like her childish behavior, but as much as I hate to admit it, she is a competitor.

Anyway I agree, the show is interesting again.

So, booo to Dani being evicted, w00t to Jeff being gone.

Best episode of this season.

Michou said...

I did the happy dance when I saw him leave..... :)

Next one out should be Rachel

reality girl said...

If you read Jeff's HOH blog on CBS it explains the Big Jeff thing and he even apologizes for it being annoying. Shelly was actually being smart for once, and Jeff has nobody to blame but himself - if he wouldn't have backdoored Dani and kept his word, he would have been safe.

Choirchick22 said...

Sad to hear Dani is gone!

Yak said...

Dani can only blame her demise on herself. Had she not been "bored" and tried to stir up the shit by backdooring Jeff earlier in the season, she could have been part of the strong alliance that she pledged to be loyal to at the beginning of the game. She probably would have been guaranteed at least 5th place if not higher.

Unfortunately Jeff's undoing was due to his own vengeance and retribution. He should have stuck to smart emotionless game play instead of trying to make a point in the name of "a big move". Now 2 strong players are out strictly due to poor decisions they both made - guess they weren't that strong afterall.

Kind of sad since I like both of them and now it looks like Lazy K or Shelly The Dude could go far.

Porsche is a floater, Adam and Jordan are useless and Rachel will probably make final 2 since everyone wants her to be by their side at the end to ensure a win for themselves.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

(I was the Anom that posted on August 26, 2011 8:51 AM)

Just wanted to add...that picture of Jeff with his shoe outside of his bin due to him launching the balls out like a madman made me laugh out loud for like 10mins. LOL