Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Big Brother Recap: "Brendon Tries to Pull One Over On Everyone, But Ends Up Just Fooling Himself"

Television's most dysfunctional couple is on the verge of being split up this week, as Rachel and Brendon have been nominated for eviction. Will the Power of Veto competition save one of them from the chopping block?

My Random Thoughts:

- After the nomination ceremony, Rachel started crying immediately in the Diary Room, threatening Danielle that she would draw the sword of Excaliber, all the while saying “Guess what?” approximately 57 times. Meanwhile, Buki Brendon tried to positive spin things talking about their future together…

Cue the waterworks.

Jesus Christ, are you kidding me? 3 minutes into the episode, I already have to watch these two cry and whine to each other? Is it just me…or is this as painful to everyone else as well? It’s unbearable.
- I loved how in the middle of this sugary, soft music, moment between these two idiots, Brendon pointed out Rachel’s ‘mediastinum’, and then said, “You know, I know that because I’m a PhD student, right?”, as if his fiancĂ©e was unaware of that fact, despite his constant reminders. The best part was what this genius said right after that, because the next time he opened his mouth, he said…“Duh!” I’m serious, go back and watch it again! He pats himself on the back for how smart he is, then acts like a 6–year-old.

- Dani and Rachel were talking in the Have Not room, and by talking, I mean Dani was talking and Rachel was sulking. Rachel said “It was stupid to think you could have friends in this game anyways”, which is a pretty ironic statement from the houseguest who constantly calls everyone else “bitches” and yells at every single person in the house. In the Diary Room during this segment, Rachel referred to Daniele as: a mean girl, a snake, and someone who sucks at this game…so clearly making friends is her top priority, right? And of course, she followed it up with another shallow idle threat, “I’m coming after her.”

- Jeff made it clear to Jordan that if one of them is in power next week, the plan is to backdoor Daniele, which I think is a pretty stupid move. Why not honour the one-week deal you made and target someone else? I don’t see the point of backstabbing someone who is not part of a strong alliance at this point of the game.
- The POV competition was a mish-mash of previous competitions combined with a time bidding element. I liked the way that it worked, with the lowest bid competing and the highest bid at risk. Dani had the best strategy of all, trying to find a time that was neither the highest nor the lowest. Porsche declared that she had to win the Veto to ensure her safety “100%” (take a drink), Kalia made us visualize Brendon and Rachel in the sack, Rachel got a good jaw workout and then sucked at a jigsaw puzzle (stomping her feet like an infant after losing), Jeff ran away from a spelling challenge and then got eliminated by about two drops of milk, and Brendon won the Veto without actually having to do anything until the final task.

- It made me sick watching Rachel celebrate Brendon’s win in the Veto competition, because she wasn’t happy that he won, she was happy that she would be safe since he promised to take her off the block (which is so idiotic I can’t even describe it). Essentially she was cheering because he just eliminated himself by winning the Veto…how wrong is that? What a selfish bitch.

- Brendon’s Diary Room interview after winning the Veto included him taunting Daniele, which pretty much amounted to him saying “HA! I’m going home!” He said that he was definitely going to use the Power of Veto on Rachel, but didn’t want to tell anyone, so that they think he’s using it on himself, and that would presumably force Daniele to do something at the last minute. First of all, you would have to be an idiot not to know that Brendon is using the Veto on Rachel, and second, Dani is too smart of a player not to have a plan in place for Scenario A or B depending on what Brendon does with the Veto.

For some reason, Johnny PhD Wang-Texter thinks that Dani would be so flustered when he says he’s using it on Rachel, she’ll just stand up and stammer, “Um…I don’t know…Maybe…Lawon?” Please!

- Does anyone out there miss Keith? Didn’t think so.

- Brendon tried to argue to Daniele for reasons to keep both of them in the house and put up a floater, but his logic was pretty much summed up as follows: if one of us goes, the other one is after you next week for vengeance, and if one of us gets to the end, we’re definitely going to win. Not really the best argument to get someone on your side.

- So Brendon saved Rachel (despite her fake pleas to the contrary and fake crying upon receiving the Veto) and Jordan went up in her place…a smart move on Daniele’s part because it’s a pretty long shot to think Jordan would get voted out ahead of Brendon, especially since I can’t think Brendon and Rachel aren’t going to cause massive drama between now and the live vote. Looks like Brendon will be booted on Thursday, and since he will be sequestered in the Jury House for the rest of the summer, he won’t be able to text genital pictures until after the Finale.

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Bobbie O'Brien said...

Sean, if I'm not mistaken, this weeks evictee ( hopefully Brendan) will not be going to the Jury House. The person evicted next week will be the first member of the Jury.
The person leaving tomorrow ( again, hopefully Brendan) will go into sequester along with the others...Keith, Cassie, Dominick...and will be voted on to come back into the house at a later date.

Sean said...

I think you're right...plenty of time for lewd texting, then.

Christina B said...

I can't even describe how disgusted I am by Rachel and to a lesser extent, Brendon.

I stopped watching last year because of them and this year, I'm down to watching only the live shows on Thursdays.

Yes, it's THAT bad!

After tonight's (which I read about on spoiler sites days ago) brilliant move, Brendon has just become the most idiotic player in Big Brother history.

Anonymous said...

"Anyone miss Keith?" hahah, classic! Though I often think how much of a different game it would have been if Evel Dick was still there.

Good post as always Sean.

LisaLouWho said...

Great blog as usual! The Brenchel show is making me wanna gag! I tried playing the drinking game the other day and taking a drink everytime someone said % and whenever Brendon said PhD...needless to say I was so drunk I passed out before I finished watching the episode LOL