Sunday, August 29, 2010

August 29, 2010: Big Brother Recap

I was pretty annoyed at the end of Thursday’s double eviction episode when they didn’t show us the second HoH competition, so unless you were watching the live feeds or reading online (which I am not), there was no knowing who the new HoH was until tonight. Who would rule the house with only 5 players left in the game? Would Pandora’s Box return? And what the hell is a Penguin Spaceship?

My Random Thoughts:

- Hayden said that he was worried that Ragan was on to the Brigade, so he had to get him out of the house before he could do any damage. Well, with only 5 players left, and 3 of them being Brigade members, what do you think could happen? You’re in the clear to out your alliance now, there’s no point in hiding it anymore.

- Ragan was so excited about winning the POV in the double eviction episode, that in the Diary Room, he seemingly turned into Emeril Lagasse, just yelling BAM! over and over.

- I honestly think that the houseguests made a mistake sending Brendon home over Britney. I know they have been targeting him forever because of his relationship with Rachel, but when you factor in the Jury House, I can’t imagine that he could ever get the votes to win the $500,000, so why wouldn’t you want to keep him around? Conversely, Britney is a top candidate to win the game, I would think, so this may come back to haunt them.

- I’m getting really tired of Hayden’s ridiculous hair. 90 percent of the time he has that absurd mop with his bangs covering his forehead, and the only other thing we ever see is him wearing his Arizona State ball cap backwards. It’s almost like he’s doing whatever he can to hide his forehead. Does he have a swastika tattooed on there or something?

- The blackjack HoH competition was a neat twist on the classic Big Brother ‘ball-flipping’ game, and it was pretty funny to see Enzo’s ineptitude once again.

- Enzo was being a baby once again about possibly going on the block. Doesn’t he realize that if the 3 Brigade members are tight, the nominations don’t matter, as long as one Brigade member is not on the block. There are only 2 votes being cast, so if there’s a tie, Lane will break it anyways, and he seems likely to stick with the Brigade…unless you decide to start threatening him!

- 4 for 4 on houseguests opening Pandora’s Box this season. Well, at least something worked since the Saboteur twist failed so miserably. I do, however, give Lane credit for owning up to it with the rest of the house.

- I find it very hard to believe that Enzo is troubled by having to eat with his hands. And again…why is he sometimes in the Penguin suit, and sometimes not? Why even give him the punishment?

- The nominations were largely redundant, and I think Lane made the right decision by keeping Britney at bay for a while longer by not putting her on the block just yet. She may go up after the POV, but at this point, he made a smart strategic move not putting her up. I’m not sure if his choice of her being the first key to be pulled was so smart, though. It may send a message to the Brigade that he is loyal to her over them. Regardless, the POV will determine everything this week…

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