Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1, 2010: Big Brother Recap

With 5 players left, Lane is the new HoH, and he decided to spare Britney from the block. Was this all a master Brigade plan to backdoor the only woman left in the house? Who is getting shunned? And who is Brendrew?

My Random Thoughts:

- This is the first time that I can remember in this show where all 5 of the remaining houseguests have a legit shot at winning the game if they make it to the Final Two.

- “The Meow Meow gets the shun away from the penguin.” If I would have told you at the beginning of the summer that you would hear that sentence on Big Brother, would you have believed me? I’m dumber for hearing that…aren’t you?

- Enzo doesn’t want to see another penguin for as long as he lives? That’s not going to be a big problem in New Jersey, is it? Thank God his costume wasn’t a skanky bar chick!

- Ragan studying pre-POV competition and his weightlifting/Eye of the Tiger montage foreshadowed that he was going to win the POV, which he didn't. And how many times can they use that piece of music this season? Come on! Mix it up a little.

- Hayden: “Otev? I’m not an English major, but I think…it’s Veto spelled backwards.” Speaking as someone who actually was an English major…let me say first of all that THANK GOD you aren’t an English Major. I would really have to question the Arizona State English Department if that was the case. And secondly, in my four years of University, not once did I ever take a class where we had to spell words backwards. Please don’t confuse an English degree with a party game.

- Britney: “I don’t usually go sliding on KY Jelly…believe it or not.” What? No Rachel joke? Perfect opportunity lost Britney…I’m very disappointed.

- Enzo showed his Jersey Shore side when he took out Ragan going for that last CD. “One shot…that’s ONE SHOT kid!”

- I don’t get Enzo’s logic about backdooring Britney. A) It’ll piss Lane off, and B), it’ll infuriate Britney, so in the event that you DO make it to the Final Two, there’s two votes you won’t be getting.

- The ‘No Cups or Utensils’ punishment was ok, but the sock puppets were actually pretty funny. Although Ragan seemed to be slowly losing it talking alone to his sock puppet in the hammock.

- Is there no recycling in the Big Brother house? When Britney was cleaning out the kitchen, she just kept throwing bottles and cans and jars into the garbage. I’m sure CBS is going to be getting some angry mail on that one.

- The dancing punishment wasn’t a punishment at all. Seriously, how much fun would that be? Watching Britney and Lane talk football while dancing was hilarious. The Brigade may be the three worst dancers ever. Every time the music started, Enzo just put his hands in the air…and waved them like he just didn’t care. That’s so Jersey.

- Lane stayed true to what he wanted to do and put Hayden on the block. I can respect that decision, and I hope that Lane and Britney make the Final Two.

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Anne Cheesman said...

What a fabulous recap. I think that Lane is actually playing the game now. Do you think he will take Hayden or Britney to the final two? I read in one of the spoilers that Hayden and Lane were the 'real long term friends'. It does make sense I guess. Britney found out about it too. Anyway Sean. I love reading your postings. :)