Sunday, August 22, 2010

August 22, 1010: Big Brother Recap

I was away on holidays for the past week, so I didn’t get a chance to watch the Wednesday and Thursday episodes of Big Brother until this weekend. I was hoping that the Diamond Power of Veto would provide some drama, and it surely did.

As I predicted last week, Brendon’s nominations were redundant since Matt held all the power this week. And I respect his decision to get rid of Kathy, because it didn’t upset anyone in the house really…including Kathy, which was kind of shocking. I think she knew that she had ZERO game-playing ability, and was lucky to be there as long as she was.

Rachel’s return was rather dramatic as well, as she came into the house insulting everyone and then couldn’t understand why Ragan shot back at her. I liked Ragan, but was starting to think he was getting too arrogant and annoying lately, but the way he shot back at that vile, redheaded witch, he made it back into my good books. Much like Natalie from last season, I think Rachel has some serious self-evaluation to do after she watches her behavior this season.

But on to tonight's episode. My Random Thoughts:

- Matt just realized that he wasn’t that important to the Brigade? Don't you get it…you're the one that every group needs, but nobody likes. You're the one that is smart so they can cheat off of in school. You're the one who has a car so they get a ride everywhere. You're the one who has a family with the pool, and probably the hot older sister that everyone wants to see around the pool. Or you're the first one to get to legal drinking age so that you can buy everyone their beer. Nobody likes you…they just need you.

- Why was NO ONE talking about who the Saboteur was for the past 2 weeks? Julie tells them that the Saboteur twist is over, and nobody thinks to question who it was? That would be a HUGE element to introduce into the house, the fact that someone just won $20,000 lying to the house.

- Lane "the Beast" turns into Johnny Roid Rage in the Diary Room as soon as he starts thinking about weights? That whole sequence was so stereotypical 'Southern Meathead' that the only things missing were a pickup truck, a John Deere ball cap, and a soundtrack by Nickelback.

- Matt dreams about a shirtless Hayden? That's actually quite alarming, but the little weasel redeemed it a little bit by making me laugh out loud when he said, "I'm OK dreaming about Hayden, I'd just rather he was wearing a shirt in my next dream." Lane made the best point when he asked why on Earth you would ever tell anyone about that?

- Did you laugh out loud like I did when Brendon told Britney not to "play a game for Matt and Ragan." Aren't you the guy that last week based a nomination on your ousted girlfriend's secret pretzel message?

- Ragan has been a Have Not for 24 days… I think I actually believe him when he told us that he was down to his birth weight.

- During the Have/Have Not competition, Enzo said that he could tell who took the bad shot because he was "like a psychic with Caller ID." Can someone please explain to me why a psychic with Caller ID would even be remotely impressive? If you were calling for an appointment and she knew your name, would you believe that she had a spiritual connection with the beyond, or that she just paid an extra couple of bucks a month on her phone bill? But I suppose if you're calling for an appointment in the first place, you believe in her fake conjuror's ways already, so her telephone options don't really matter.

- The Rajin' Ragan was a shot made of hot dogs and ranch dressing? Seriously? Come on Big Brother, this is what you pick for the only gay contestant on the show. Very, very weak.

- Trying to tell the prospective pawn that you want them on the block because they will be a strong competitor in the POV competition is a really lame argument at this point of the game. With only 7 people left in the game, 6 of them are going to play anyways, so it's a pretty good bet they will be competing already.

- So Brendon and Enzo are on the block. Seems like a pretty obvious choice for Brendon to get the boot this week, but we'll see if the Brigade can start turning on themselves already.

Finally, and most importantly, Happy 9th Birthday today to my best friend in the entire world, my wonderful son, Lucas. Happy Birthday to the best son a Dad could ever ask for!

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