Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August 11, 2010: Big Brother Recap

So, let me get this straight, Rachel doesn’t understand why she’s “the bad guy” to the rest of the house? How about 2 HoH wins, “Floaters, grab a life vest”, and “Bring It On!” That’s just for starters. And if she can’t realize that while Matt’s nominations might be personal, they most certainly (and maybe coincidentally) are the smartest strategic move to nominate 2 people who are visibly aligned and have won 2 HoH’s and 2 POV’s.

Then this freak-job psycho goes to the kitchen and starts chopping onions menacingly, while glaring at Kathy, before heading to the bedroom to cry. Then it’s off to the diary room for the most obvious “Fake Drama Fake Crying” I’ve ever seen, before heading to the backyard to see the bowling setup, which causes her to run inside and cry…again.

“Bring It On” she told the house. Well, they brought it on…and she went into a Category 5 meltdown almost instantly. Don’t you just love big talkers who can’t back up their fake bravado? I know a lot of people like that, actually.

“There comes a point where you cannot do any more. Like, you have nothing left to give.” What? You were just nominated moments ago…and now the Queen Fighter is showing that she’s just a quitter. Ten she dropped this nugget of wisdom: “I feel like Roadkill…waiting for the crows to just come eat me.”

Then some all-night bowling brought back the shit-talk, and all of a sudden, she’s telling us what a fighter she is again.

I seriously want to puke.

But enough about Rachel, on to the rest of tonight’s Random Thoughts:

- Nice to see Jeff and Jordan back to host the Veto competition. I was a big fan of both of them last season, and happy that Jordan took home the prize.

- Kathy lets out a whoop after eliminating Rachel, which I agree that she should not have apologized for. As a matter of fact, she should have punctuated it with “THAT’S for the chopping glare, bitch!”

- I can’t even begin to explain how much I loved the irony of Rachel telling Brendon to act classy. So delicious.

- Sorry, I know I said that was enough talk of Rachel, but when I heard her say this: “I don’t want to have to go up and kiss their butts and lower MY standards just to try to get them to use their power”, I was laughing so hard I actually had to pause the show. What standards? And how much lower can she go?

- 5 POV competitions now, and only 2 winners, Brendon (twice) and Britney (three times). Add that to Matt and Rachel being HoH for the last 4 weeks, and it’s turning out to be a pretty repetitive season.

- Why does Matt always have to end each sentence or speech with some lame-ass foot kick or hand clap? So pathetic…such a wannabe.

- I give Britney a lot of credit for saying flat-out “No way I’m using the veto.” What’s the point of lying? Britney’s game impresses me more every week. Rachel offering her the $5000 at the Veto Meeting only improved her standing in the house having to refuse it in front of everyone.

- Brendon’s attack on Britney was weak. Weaker than Andrew’s fake “I’m coming for you speech.” The fact that everyone laughed showed how ridiculous it is.

So who do you think is going home? Brendon or Rachel? I think it’ll be Rachel for sure, and I expect there to be fireworks on the live show tomorrow night.

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