Sunday, August 8, 2010

August 8, 2010: Big Brother Recap

Thursday's episode left the hamsters spinning around a giant makeshift paint can while getting splattered and slapped by different forms of foamy paint. Who would become the new HoH after this carnie ride of a competition, would Ragan accept his new offer, and what else would tonight's record-setting-Brigade-mention (15 times) episode have in store?

Random Thoughts on tonight's episode:

- If Matt and Ragan end up at the end of every HoH competition, this is really going to end up being a weak season. Especially since Matt looks like he could have lasted another 12 hours in both. Good luck beating him in any endurance challenges.

- Someone needs to explain to the houseguests exactly how the math of this game works. First, we've got everyone saying again how they want to send Brendon and Rachel home this week, and then Bat Boy's mother, Kathy, decides to offer words of support to the final six competitors in the HoH competition by telling them "You got this, guys." All six of them?

- Rachel shows more and more each episode just how crazy she is. After a week of "Bring it on" and talking about never quitting fighting, now she's disappointed in Brendon for not winning HoH, because she's carrying all the weight. She wins two trivia contests while he gets endurance competitions...not really the same. How long do you think she would have lasted in one of those endurance challenges? Then she has the nerve to say "It's not always all about him" he's trying to comfort HER. Batshit insane. Worse than crazy Bikini Barista Natalie from two seasons ago.

- I'm starting to like Britney a lot more. She's the only who really makes me laugh...with an honourable mention to Lane.

- If you're Matt, of course you take the shot at the Diamond Veto. No doubt about it. But just when I think Matt and his over-complicating ways may be behind him, he comes up with a cockamamie story about Pandora's box and a $1 prize. (On a side note, this is my 467th post on this blog, and the first time I have ever used the word 'cockamamie'.)

- Brendon said that he didn't trust Matt's story about Pandora's box because "he was acting shady and shifty." Hey Brendon, that's what Matt acts like all the time!

- I'm honestly shocked that Ragan accepted the role of the New Saboteur, and I'm sure he was reconsidering after watching the houseguests' response to the video announcement. Should be interesting.

- Rachel called Matt a "pansy" and said that targeting Brendon and Rachel was "getting old". Guess you shouldn't have been so cocky last week huh, you psycho?

Brendon and Rachel on the block. Hands up if you didn't see that coming.

No hands? Class dismissed...see you Wednesday.

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Anonymous said...

i wish that brenden and racheal would just get kicked off. i love the show, but she has got to go. maybe brenden would be more into the game than into her if she left. not saying that he needs to just forget her, but maybe she is a distraction. i hope she doesn't win pov, but got a feeling that brenden will win and save racheal. but what will matt do???