Thursday, August 26, 2010

Big Brother Recap: Everyone's Under The Bus

I have to be honest, I love double eviction episodes. As a TV viewer, they’re fantastic because you get to see the utter shock on the face of the houseguests (although it looks like it was somewhat expected tonight), and the inability to scramble and make deals. As a contestant, they are without a doubt the most unfair and aggravating aspect of the show, but suck it up hamsters, it’s time to see two of you hit the bricks.

My Random Thoughts:

- When Matt went up on the block, he looked like a mopey meth addict with the flu. Come on Mr. Diabolical Super-Genius…take it like a man.

- Ragan, thank you for finally realizing the alliance of four! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I actually double fist-pumped when he said it! Enzo was such an idiot for talking about splitting the votes the week before.

- Hayden declared that “The Brigade controls everyone in this house…except Ragan.” Well, except for Brendon, too…and I guess, to an extent, Britney, since two of you are on the block while she is HoH. So, what you’re really saying, Hayden, is that the four of you control…the four of you?

- The only thing worse than having to go through a double eviction is having to go through a double eviction while wearing a penguin suit.

- Brendon, for the love of God, stop doing everything “For Rachel.” Get a spine, you moron.

- Like him or hate him, you have to respect Matt for keeping the Brigade under wraps even though he clearly knew he was being evicted. He was a lot of things, but he was loyal. Although playing both sides is what cost him the game…over-complicating things like I’ve been saying all season.

- I did enjoy seeing that during the interview with Julie, Matt’s little Hobbit legs couldn’t even touch the ground.

- For the first HoH competition, that was a disgustingly easy question to begin with, but did you notice that Hayden found both names before he ran the first one back? That’s what won it for him. Smart move.

- All Enzo does at the end of every competition is complain. And why the hell did he not have to wear the damn penguin outfit for the competition? I thought the deal was that he had to wear it for one week? Don’t implement a punishment if you’re not going to make the houseguests adhere to it. Outrageous.

- At the beginning of the Before/After POV competition, I turned to my girlfriend and said “Ragan is winning this.” And how awesome is it that Brendon was eliminated from the POV competition (and Big Brother as a whole) on a question about Rachel?

- Four straight unanimous evictions now: Rachel (6-0), Kathy (5-0), Matt (4-0), and Brendon (3-0). Between that, multiple HoH and PoV winners, and the failed Saboteur twist to start the season, there has been a distinct ‘absence of drama’ this summer, don't you think?

- “Brains go out the window as soon as you walk through those doors”, Brendon told Julie. NOW we know why he got involved with Rachel!

- Why the hell did we not get to see the second HoH competition? It’s like CBS is just winging it this season.

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