Thursday, August 12, 2010

August 12, 2010: Big Brother Recap - Eviction Night

Thursday's live eviction show started with a refresher on Brendon's Veto speech which saw him attack Britney in an attempt to get the houseguests to vote him out instead of Rachel. The best part of the speech was the look on Rachel's face, as her jaw was on the floor. I can't say that's shocking to me because I seriously doubt that's the first time her mouth has been open that wide.


And...on that note, let's get started on tonight's Random Thoughts:

- After Brendon's speech, Rachel declared "That's the nicest thing that anyone would ever do for me." First of all, if verbally attacking someone is the nicest thing anyone would ever do for you, maybe you should reconsider your overall circle of friends, and did you notice that she said "would" do, and not "could" do? Just what they were willing to do for her, not what they were capable of doing. Interesting choice of words.

- Britney's Neander-TAL walk in the yard was pretty funny. I always said the best way to deal with a bully is to just laugh at them and don't give them any voice.

- This Saboteur twist with Ragan is lame. CBS and Julie Chen are referring to it as his "reign of treachery", but he's not really doing anything. At least Annie locked the storage room. All Ragan has done is say things to confuse is that sabotage?

- Can someone please explain to Rachel what the phrase "most underestimated" means? When Julie asked her, she picked "everyone", and said she'd like to see them try harder. Um...what?

- I really enjoyed seeing Brendon's ex-fiance watching the footage of Brendon and Rachel. How funny was it when her mom declared how thankful she was that her daughter didn't marry him? Watching the family laughing at the TV was awesome...but how do you think Brendon's family felt watching that segment?

- I hate the "Love or Money" argument within the parameters of this game. It's an easy choice: You take the money and then continue your love story in 30 days! The game is over in a month, and then you can spend the $500K together. Just ask Jeff and Jordan.

- Why was there no talk with Matt in the HoH room before the vote tonight? Seemed odd.

- Rachel's speech: I fought/I'm grateful/I love Brendon...Brendon's speech: I fought/I love Rachel/I'm like a witch, persecuted. Are these two for real?

- As soon as Enzo cast his vote, it was obvious that Rachel was being evicted. I can't decide what eviction line I enjoyed more, Britney's "Tequila, Vomit, Hundred Dollar Bills...I vote to evict Rachel", or Ragan's "Well, he got the witch part right." Considering the nominees thought it would be Brendon, I was sure that the Chenbot would try the ol' swerve: "By a vote of are safe." But alas, it was a run of the mill eviction speech.

- Rachel talking to Julie was ridiculous: " I'm shocked...I'm not shocked...I just tried to fight...I was always fighting...they were scared of me..." But the best part was her face when watching the goodbye messages. Did you see her face when Britney did her "Woooo! Who wants to see me go to the jury house?"...It said "Little blonde girl, I will cut you."

- What the hell was that line Julie "But First" Chen gave her before signing off, telling her "this may not be the last you've seen of the Big Brother House." For the love of God, I hope it's just some sort of lame return for a challenge like Jesse and the gorilla suit from 2 years ago.

Regardless of who wins HoH tonight (another off-air competition, really?), the story of the week is going to be Matt's Diamond Power of Veto. Can't wait to see the faces if/when he uses it.

Should be an interesting week.

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