Thursday, August 5, 2010

August 5, 2010: Big Brother Recap - Eviction Night

Before I get into the details of Thursday night’s live eviction episode, can I please make a plea to the Big Brother wardrobe department to get back on track with Julie Chen’s outfits? It started off so well this year after last season’s maternity outfits, but now it looks like she’s either pregnant again, or she’s wearing the curtains from her office.

Random Thoughts on tonight’s episode:

- Why does everyone always get into bed and under the covers when it’s time to talk? It’s bad enough that these hamsters spend all summer sleeping in until noon, not working, not reading, not watching TV, not doing anything…and the laziness gets ramped up even more with every conversation taking place in bed.
- Kristen joined the ranks of the crybabies last night, and this episode saw her turning on the waterworks even more. Hayden and Kristen had a heart-to-heart after the Veto meeting where Hayden told her “it’s fine”, which is funny because it’s fine for HIM…he knows he’s staying. Why didn’t he lay it all on the line and just say “It’s ok…I’ll be fine. You’re going home.”
- As they were having their talk, and realizing that one of them was leaving for sure, and that they won’t see each other until the game is over, my girlfriend said “You’d better have sex with him tonight, then.” I actually laughed out loud at that one.
- Wasn’t it funny to watch Hayden and Kristen’s outrage that Rachel and Brendon didn’t follow their plan to take one of them off the block. Let’s remember that this is the plan that Hayden and Kristen were going to backstab them on! I can’t believe they didn’t follow through on the plan that we weren’t going to follow through on! Unbelievable!
- What the hell was that about Ragan farting and Britney’s legs? Never mind…I don’t want to know.
- Rachel: “The highest form of flattery is totally making fun of someone.” Can someone please get a Cliché Handbook for the houseguests so we don’t have to hear these ridiculous amended sayings?
- I hope UCLA plays Arkansas in next year’s NCAA tournament, just so Britney and Brendon can wear their team gear and cheer against each other. We get it, guys…you’re big fans of your respective schools. Mix up the wardrobes a bit, will ya?
- In the real world, Hayden’s mom (with way too much eyeliner) thinks Kristen is crazy…and Kristen has a boyfriend! And how nice is it that all of Kristen’s friends—and CBS—gathered him in a big group to watch her make out with Hayden. Stay classy.
- I didn’t think anyone could possibly look stupider on Eviction Night than Kristen in that Hippie-Tard, but well done, Hayden…your purple T-shirt and cheetah-print board shorts trumped Kristen in a landslide.
- Julie’s conversation with Rachel from the HoH room was just painful. We all know that Rachel’s laugh is annoying, but hearing it so many times in one interview made me scream at my TV, “SHUT UP!”. At one point, she just laughed, then paused, then laughed, then paused, then laughed again. Three times…while Julie was talking…without even saying anything! You know how in the World Cup people were trying to find a way to muffle the constant drone of the vuvuzelas while watching TV? We need that sort of technology for Rachel’s laugh.
- Hayden and Kristen had lame speeches that were full of typical Big Brother lip service mumbo-jumbo (vote with your heart, for whoever can get you further in the game) and veiled digs at others. When Kristen stated “I think I’m a stand-up person”, I honestly believe that she thought that it was the truth since she was standing when she said it. Not so bright, that Kristen.
- Enough with the sad, apologetic votes, already. Just vote. We don’t need to see Ragan and Kathy look like they’re going to cry as they vote. And don’t you love how Kathy always votes to evict the one who is staying? Great long-term game plan, Kathy.
- Rachel went on again about “me and my man” in her goodbye speech to Kristen. Again…this girl is seriously unstable. I hope she doesn’t read this blog after she gets out of the house. I don’t want her coming after me.
- So Ragan gets the opportunity to be the new Saboteur, but we don’t get to see the offer tonight, after a week of CBS promotion? Lame. And another endurance HoH already? Boo. A very disappointing end to the episode.

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