Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August 25, 2010: Big Brother Recap

The Big Brother house is now over 50% comprised of The Brigade, and lone wolf Brendon is on the block again. Could the POV save Brendon yet again? Would Matt turn on the Brigade? And who is rocking the cueball look?

Let’s find out…my Random Thoughts on Wednesday’s episode:

- Brendon started this episode the same way he ended the last one, complaining about Britney’s reasons for nominating him, and I have to say that I agree. She said he was “coming after her”, but of the three people he was vocally targeting (Britney, Matt, Ragan), the other two went on the block and SHE DIDN’T. How is that coming after her? But as justified as his anger was, I’m not sure that she needed to be labeled a “lying whore.” That was a little harsh. Maybe classy Rachel told him to call her that in their imaginary conversation he had in the Have Not room.

- Did you see Matt’s Al Bundy pose while the POV players were being picked? What was that about? Do you really want your hand down your pants on national TV?

- These types of Veto competitions always favour the most desperate houseguest. No way Brendon wasn’t going to win this. And it always screws the HoH who wants the other houseguests to make sacrifices…and they never do.

- Hayden, $5000 is more money than you’ve made in the last 2 years? There are panhandlers and squeegee kids that can pull in more than that over 2 years. I knew you were lazy, but come on! There goes your shot with Hippie-Tard Kristen. I’m pretty sure you can’t take her out for a nice date on your weekly paycheck of $40.

- I love that Brendon picked Britney as the person to be handcuffed to. Especially since he won the veto, because the other houseguests can’t get in her ear to talk about replacement nominees while they are handcuffed.

- Penguins don’t meow. That’s a conflict. And the only Italian penguins I’ve ever heard of are nuns.

- That didn’t look like chum. It looked like KFC Cole Slaw. At least Britney wore a co-ordinating jacket to match the chum. That was considerate.
- Do we really need to see Jesse for a third season? I love that Britney got burned by having to spend an hour with this egotistical jackass. By the way, he’s about 5’4” and wants to be a professional wrestler. Maybe in the midget division, Jesse. And what advice other than weightlifting could he have given her…how NOT to win the game…twice?

- The fact that Matt was “throwing Ragan under the bus” (Man, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em), should have made it crystal clear to Britney, Ragan AND Brendon that Matt, Enzo, Hayden, and Lane are in an alliance, and that they need to break up that foursome before they are 4 of the last 6.

- But alas, Britney fell for the Brigade’s lies and put Matt on the block. Which is a shame because from an alliance standpoint, he was really the only one of the four who was committed to the alliance. He proved it by suggesting Ragan for the block. The only way for an alliance of four to win the game is to NEVER WAVER before the Final Four, and these four guys just couldn’t do it. I can’t stand Matt, but you can’t argue that he was trying to work for the team of four. I wish Britney would have been able to figure out that Hayden won $5000 and the Hawaiian Vacation, and we surely would have seen him on the block.

- In his closing comments, Ragan said "he would have fallen on his sword" for Matt. Thank you, CBS, for not making the obligatory gay joke. It was bad enough last week with the hot dog and ranch dressing shot.

- Don't forget Thursday's episode is a live DOUBLE eviction.

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