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July 29, 2010: Big Brother Recap - Eviction Night

Wednesday's episode ended with a bang, as Andrew put on his best high school drama performance, declaring he was coming after Brendon and Rachel. Predictably, no one was fooled, except for Rachel (cue the irony). How would this affect Thursday live vote? Let's find out.

For those of you who are new to my recaps, please keep in mind that they are all spoiler-free, and based on TV coverage only, not the live feeds. Also, you can mouse over the photos for hidden captions underneath.

I was sorry that I mentioned last night how no one cried in the last episode, because as soon as the Veto meeting was finished, Rachel started crying. It's like saying a pitcher has a no-hitter going. I blame myself.

The funniest thing about Andrew's Veto speech was Kathy's face. She was incredibly confused. But then shortly after, she implemented what I feel is the worst Reality TV show strategy...the "I really need the money" game plan. Then she told Ragan how she fought cancer, and then Ragan cried. Dammit, why did I say anything last night? Big Thumbs Down to Kathy on this one.

Andrew felt alone in the he cried. (Really, I'm sorry) And then for some reason, he went batshit insane on Kristen? I thought he was grasping at straws targeting her. Pretty weak.

So, in the real world, Matt's wife was disappointed he lied about her fake illness? Who wouldn't be? Ridiculously unethical. She seemed like a nice woman, although that Illinois accent made me contemplate actually ripping my own ears off instead of listening to her talk anymore.

In her speech, Kathy declared "I love all y'all". Man, I love the South.

Andrew went nuts in his speech, but that was highly entertaining. Imagine being in that room after that as people were in the Diary Room casting their votes? Can you say AWKWARD? And then, as they went to break, we saw Andrew and Kristen yelling at each other on the screen behind Julie Chen.

I have to think that Andrew knew he was being voted out to give that speech. But it was still awesome to watch Captain Kosher become Captain Crazy! And I had to laugh at Ragan's words: "I vote to institutionalize...and evict...Andrew." Well played, Ragan. And by a unanimous vote, Andrew left the house the same way he came in, with a hearty Mazel Tov for all.

Can we please stop using the term "Showmance"?

In her good-bye words for Andrew, Rachel told him that he had to go because "No one comes between me and my man!" Will someone tell Rachel that she's on Big Brother and not Temptation Island.

I had suggested before that since the houseguests are all being sequestered this season, there was probably a chance that someone was going to re-enter the house at some point. I think the fact that Julie told Andrew about Matt's lie regarding his wife's fake illness would kill that theory. I can't think she would give that information if there was a chance of him re-joining the game.

I've got to say, I was pretty impressed with Rachel in the HoH competition. She was up there 4 times..targeted by everyone...and still pulled it off. Good for her. Then she celebrated by hugging Brendon...and crying again.

Pandora's Box returns next week with a new saboteur who may be unleashed on the house? Oh for Christ's sakes, why don't you just say what this really is, CBS? It's called "Our twist was a huge bust, so now we're going for another cash grab for the next week, charging you to text us your votes, before the next twist doesn't happen."

There's no way that this "new saboteur", when offered the chance, will accept. Think about it...if there is a new saboteur, then the houseguests will be told once again that someone is in the house working against them. Why would anyone agree to try to do it for 2 weeks, for a paltry $20,000, and risk the shot at $500,000. Makes no sense. But CBS will rake in the cash, then we'll see the offer made...and turned down. You read it here first.

The live listen-in at the end was chock full of goodness, as Rachel and Kristen bared their claws and went at each other. My girlfriend turned to me and said "'s getting catty now."

And I responded "Catty is better than crying."

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