Saturday, July 24, 2010

July 24, 2010: What is this Picture?

Here's a little contest for you. Can anyone figure out what this picture is, and why I'm so giddily and ridiculously excited about it? Leave your guess in the Comments section. There WILL be a prize for the first person to get it.


Anonymous said...

If my eyesight is not fooling me, those look like ben thahn take out containers with their writing on them which means they must now have delivery (finally)!!!!

Anonymous said...

looks like take-out food orders Shawn. One has my name on it and good too cause I'm at work and freakin' hungry lol. Hope it's seafood fried rice too yummmmmmm!


Sean said...

Lou, on a blog called Sean's Random Thoughts, you really are going to spell my name wrong? How long have we known each other? 25+ years?

Sean said...

The answer to the question:

The Foo Fighters are working on their new album, scheduled for release in 2011. This is the takeout order for the Foos, tweeted out by the band.