Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 11, 2010: Big Brother Recap

I've decided to try and do a quick rapid-fire recap after each episode, and a full recap after Thursday's episodes. There may not be any pictures on the quick recaps for Sundays and Wednesdays, because many of the sites I go to for pictures are featuring Spoilers based on the Live Feeds. A reminder that these recaps will be based on the episodes only, I will not be keeping up in real time with the events in the house.

Random Thoughts on tonight's episode:

- Ragan isn't just gay. He's super-gay. And is it a prerequisite for the token gay male in the BB house to have to wear T-shirts with plunging V-necks halfway down their chests?

- Are all the women in the house wearing glasses during "strategy time" to try and look smarter? Did you notice that?

- Did Brendan really refer to Rachel as one of the "most intelligent players in the game"? You two can talk science all you want, but you aren't fooling me that the woman who thought Andrew was wearing a "Yom Kippur" on his head is a real chemist. Bartenders don't count as chemists, Rachel! What is a Chemistry degree from Western Carolina worth, anyways?

- I like Annie, but that Chicago accent is going to start to grate on me. Sounds like I'm listening to Jeff from last season.

- Kathy said that the saboteur is likely a woman who is likeable. Why don't you just point the finger directly at yourself?

- Gay Bonding sweet.

- Is Enzo going to subject us to a season's worth of mafia analogies. Jesus, I hope not. And while the nickname of The Brigade may fly, what the f*@k is Meow Meow? Welcome to the least masculine nickname of all-time.

- Thank God Lane is The Beast, because he sure as hell couldn't be The Brain if he doesn't know a) what a brigade is, and b) whether Enzo is from Philly or New Jersey.

- "It looked like Orville Redenbacher's backyard." Now, I've never actually been to Orville Redenbacher's backyard, but I can't think it looked anything like that.

- Coming out of the caramel, the houseguests looked like they were part of an alien birthing ceremony. Gross.

- Big with 100% more maggots!

- Britney, we get it. You're an Arkansas Razorbacks fan. Does every item of clothing have to reflect this? And shouldn't you be getting along with Kathy instead of scrapping with her? Wasn't she wearing a Razorbacks shirt at the Nomination ceremony? Or was that yours?

- Did Enzo really drop a "Fuhgeddaboutit" at the end of the episode? Just when I was starting to come around on his cartoonish-ness?


Anonymous said...

Matt FTW!

Andrew said...

Kathy is the saboteur. I thought it as soon as I heard she was a cop and that she might have some knowledge and tricks up her sleeve (she even used "my police background makes me think its a woman") no one suspects her at all. (except Matt!!)
The brigade looks like it might just dominate, as soon as they let Lane know what it is.