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July 15, 2010: Big Brother Recap - Eviction Night

I know that I didn't do a post after last night's episode, but I wasn't able to watch it until tonight. Let's face it, the Wednesday episodes are going to be boring all season long anyways, with a 15-minute "who won the POV, and did they use it?" along with basic strategy. Anyways, before I get to tonight's live episode, a couple of quick thoughts on last night's episode:

- I'm warming up to Enzo. I can see he's a pretty good player, but I still can't get behind this "Meow Meow" nickname. Plus, The Brigade seems to be able to identify what The Four Horsemen from BB5 could not, that keeping this alliance of 4 a secret is a good idea.

- This season, "bro" is the new "dude".

- Lane does his best strategic thinking while aggressively slapping an apple from one hand into the other.

- I'm already sick of Captain Kosher. We get're Jewish.

- The Cinco de Mayo challenge was disgusting.

Ok, on to tonight's episode, which opened with the Chenbot sporting a spiffy blue dress and looking fine. For those of you who followed Julie Chen's blog on Entertainment Weekly's website last season, she will be blogging after each eviction episode, and I recommend you read it weekly. Here is a link to her blog after the first episode.

The aftermath of the POV ceremony was interesting to watch, especially hearing Britney declare that Annie was going to fight "like a rabid mountain lion" to stay. Growing up in Arkansas sounds like fun, doesn't it?
Matt seems like the geeky kid that's just excited when the cool kids talk to him. He gets all giddy when one of the other members of The Brigade fist bumps him or high fives him, like internally he's yelling "I'm SO in!" Again, I chalk it up to the fact that he's a musician, a drummer specifically. Obviously used to being in the background and not used to being a decision-maker...just happy to be included. Here's a joke for you: What's the last thing the drummer said before he got kicked out of the band? "Hey guys, I have a couple of great song ideas."

I was surprised to see Annie lash out at Brendon, calling it a betrayal, when all he did was take himself off of the block. He would have been foolish not to. But her reaction to him had an effect, as when he went for his next under-the-blanket makeout session with Rachel (complete with BB-provided slow jam soundtrack!), he brought up the topic of Annie. That brought the cuddle romp to a screeching halt as Rachel got upset, then Brendon got upset...and Annie was already crying in the other room. This trio could be the biggest group of drama queens in BB history.

And how unbelievably awesome was Rachel's declaration that she couldn't believe that Brendon was getting upset about Annie, someone he had met "only 8 days ago", and letting her "come between something that is real"? I told you last week...this idiot is great for TV. And if CBS needs to blur your boobs out when you're just sitting in a bikini top at the breakfast bar, maybe you should re-think your wardrobe.

Was Kathy just wearing a shirt that said "Rub For Luck" across her chest? And why does she look like a cartoon character? Also, is Kristin even really on this show? She hasn't said anything in 2 episodes.

Tonight we learned that Annie was The Saboteur, which wasn't that shocking, and saw how she pulled off some of her pranks in the house. I liked that she exposed Brendon for lying about his job, telling the others that he is a scientist. But did you notice how she didn't say the same about Rachel? No one would have believed her!

So the vote came down to Annie and Rachel, and as much as CBS tried to make us believe it was really a decision for the houseguests, Annie got voted out unanimously. I loved that she went balls-to-the-wall in her speech, exposing Brendon and Rachel, and being 100% right in what she said. And then Rachel followed that up with a generic "everything is great, everyone is fun, love you" pathetic speech. I was pretty unhappy that Annie was evicted because I liked her, and thought she would be a pretty good player. The fact that she was the Saboteur just made it the biggest BB Twist Bust in history. Gone after one week.

I'm glad they're telling the houseguests that Annie was the Saboteur. But I wouldn't be surprised to see her have an opportunity to re-enter the game later. They've done it before, and it would be a nice touch to have her back in the game playing only for herself.

I think there may be a backup plan, though, in terms of the twist. Remember how they said that there was a pre-existing relationship in the house? Well, if this wasn't just something the Saboteur was saying to throw the houseguests off, and is indeed true, then I would suggest that Kathy and Britney are the two...and are mother and daughter.

Think about it, they're both from Arkansas, they look similar, Kathy mentioned that she had a 22-year-old child, and then they had that ridiculous argument after the Popcorn challenge that made no sense whatsoever...unless it was staged. I may be wrong, but I'm just throwing it out there. It may be CBS's backup plan if the Saboteur got evicted early.
Britney commenting on Annie's shoes and eyeshadow, and Annie saying Rachel gets her "sloppy seconds"? MEOW!

And then in the Murphy's Law of Big Brother, Rachel wins HoH. Man, is The Brigade ever gonna be sorry that they didn't vote her out.

I loved Annie's comparison to Jeff and's bang on. Look out.

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Andrew said...

Exactly to everything Sean! Exactly.
Getting rid of Annie was a mistake she could so have been flipped just like she mentioned after she was evicted. Lane was showing some brain in that rationale while tossing that apple! Maybe it's his superpower! Watch out when that guy has an apple in his hands! I believe it was a granny smith :p