Sunday, July 25, 2010

July 25, 2010: Big Brother Recap

I’ve made repeated points throughout my Big Brother recaps so far this season that I am attempting to go unspoiled in terms of what happens in the BB house. At the end of Thursday night’s episode, the houseguests were competing in their first endurance HoH competition of the season…and unfortunately, later that night I inadvertently saw a spoiler telling me who had won.

Live Feeds - 1 : Sean – 0.

But I was still looking forward to seeing what exactly happened in the HoH competition anyways, because I really liked the swerve that the Haves and Have Nots were determined in this competition as well. Writing this part before the episode actually airs, I had to think that this twist may play into this week’s nominations.

Let’s take a moment, though to look at what happened in the first 2 minutes of this episode:

- Enzo rhymed “Brigade” with “grenade”…again.
- Andrew said he can’t eat slop because it’s not kosher…again.
- Britney talked about how good a friend Monet was…again.
- Britney cried…again.
- Lane said things like “Monet jumped out of that seat like a clown running from a bull” to prove that he is a cowboy…again.

Seriously, can we stop re-hashing the same stuff at the beginning of every single episode? It’s bad enough we have to watch black-and-white replays of what happened already.

Matt won HoH, and Brendon and Rachel were immediately concerned because, as we heard repeatedly, there was a “target on their backs.” I have now officially added “target on my back” and variations thereof to my list of phrases that qualify a reality TV show contestant for immediate disqualification. For those of you unfamiliar with that list, it is as follows: 1) Threw me under the bus, 2) It is what it is, and 3) Game on! (any time after the first episode.)

Hooked on Phonics with Britney and Enzo was actually pretty entertaining. Two people with such thick regional accents telling each other how to talk…oh, the irony.

I loved the Brigade conversation about Hayden and Kristen possibly being cousins…while being cut together with footage of the two of them making out in bed. Yes, these guys are the brains in the house.

Andrew decided to vacuum during Rachel’s lap-dance haircut for Brendon, then says: “Come on, get a room!” Um…they do, and whenever they do, you just go in there anyways!

Have you noticed the horrible new fist bump that the Brigade is doing now? First they fist bump with their thumbs pointing down, and then, as they bump, they flip the thumbs up. I can’t decide what is more lame, that fist bump, or the nickname “Meow Meow. By the way, the count for this episode of hearing the word “Brigade” – 14 times (no joke).

I’ve been trying to figure out who Matt reminds me of, and tonight I finally figured it out. In essence, he’s a slimy little weasel who tries to always stay in control of everything, lies at every instance possible, but still has this sort of charisma that makes you wonder if you should like him or hate him. For those viewers of Lost out there, I submit to you that Matt (BB's self-professed diabolical super-genius) is Big Brother’s version of…Ben Linus.

So,Kathy and Andrew are up for nomination, and instead of doing the obvious smart thing nominating Brendon and Rachel, Matt once again decided to complicate things for absolutely no reason whatsoever. I understand the logic of keeping Brendon and Rachel out of the POV competition, but it still doesn’t make much sense.

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