Thursday, July 22, 2010

July 22, 2010: Big Brother Recap - Eviction Night

This week's live eviction began with Julie Chen showing viewers again how hard the wardrobe department is trying to match her outfits to the set. Have you noticed a "blue" theme? Jesus Christ, man...everything is blue. I feel like I'm in Smurf Forest.

As we picked up the in-house action immediately after Matt was put on the nomination block, we heard a fantastic sound bite from Monet, who said "when Rachel said that Matt was the pawn, I knew I was the target." Come on, Monet...are you honestly telling me you didn't know before that, that you were the target? Doubtful.

I loved the violin music when Britney and Monet got together for another sob-fest, which pretty much just contained the words "hate", "sucks", and "stupid" repeated over and over. But then Matt came in and decided to over-complicate everything AGAIN for no reason. Telling Monet and Britney how upset he was and how he was going to go after Rachel and Brendon was idiotic. There's no upside! Only bad things can happen as you keep spiralling into a web of lies. Didn't you watch last season and see how Ronnie screwed himself by doing the exact same thing?

It's so frustrating watching Matt, because he constantly tells us how smart he is, and how he is a member of Mensa. I had a friend once who described Mensa members as "people who sit around and tell each other how smart they are", which I don't necessarily agree with, although it was a funny line (way to go, Pat E.). But watching Matt is making me think that's what he is...because he's constantly telling us he's a genius, while actually acting like a moron. But he certainly does have the "short man syndrome" strut down pat, doesn't he?
Watching Hayden and Kristen in their bedtime make-out session was kind of weird because of how awkward it is to watch this little grade school crush. Right after Hayden dropped this nugget on Kristen: "I am so attracted to you it's unbelievable", I started to write in my notes...come on, big boy, just tell her you think she's hot. And no sooner had I finished writing that down, when he said to her "You are so hot." Now that's progress...I feel like I've done my part.

Monet has now threatened physical violence on four separate occasions. What are you going to do, Monet? Drown Rachel with your tears? Choke her with one of the three tank tops you're wearing? Although I heard tonight that Monet was once on The Young and The Restless, so all the tearful drama kind of makes sense now.

The house meeting was dramatic, and Matt was scrambling, but it was all for naught as we knew Monet was going home anyways. I had predicted a vote of 8-1, but it was only 7-2. Although Matt continued his excessive douchebaggery by constantly swaying and clapping during his speech like he was trying to act cool, and even dropping a "Chenbot" on Julie Chen.

The funny thing was that on the commercial before the final votes, I turned to Lucas and asked him who he thought was going to get eliminated (yes, Lucas watches with us), and he said Monet. Then he asked me, and I said Monet. And then he said "Britney's gonna cry, I bet."

He may be the funniest 8-year-old I know.

When Monet left the house, Enzo called after her, "You're a good person, Monet." No she's not! All she did in the house is whine and complain and talk about people behind their backs. Calling Rachel (who, please keep in mind, I do not like) a hooker, a stripper, a bitch, and even more...was uncalled for and shows that she is devoid of character.

And her exit interview with Julie proved that beyond a shodow of a doubt. After 3 minutes of circling around the same lame answers (I was emotional, it was a hard week, I said my goodbyes...), she actually said she didn't regret what she said. And then laughed uncontrollably when Britney went on to make fun of Rachel even more. Don't these two know they're coming across as the bitches in the house, and making Rachel seem sympathetic? Are they that dumb? Clearly Monet is to act like that on live TV. But then again, this is the woman who told us that 60 x 60 is 1200, right?

I hate the endurance HoH competitions. Now I'm going to have to wait until Sunday to find out the new HoH. I'm predicting Brendon or Andrew.

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