Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July 28, 2010: Big Brother Recap

At the end of Sunday’s episode, Matt had put Kathy and Andrew on the block. Was this all a master plan to backdoor Brendon or Rachel? Was Andrew and/or Kathy the real target? And is Kathy actually Bat Boy’s mother (see post below)? So many questions…

Random Non-Spoiled Thoughts on tonight’s episode.

- Why is Matt talking about the plan possibly being to “backdoor Brendon and Rachel”? Doesn’t the Mensa-certified diabolical super-genius realize that he can only get one of them out this week?
- And can we please stop overusing the term “backdoor”? It’s becoming ridiculous…it was said 18 times this episode, passing “Brigade”, which was only uttered 11 times.
- Hayden, can you please stop yelling at the camera in every single Diary Room video? I’m going to need to take Advil prior to each episode just to listen to you.
- Peaches in the Iced Tea? The Horror!
- Did Andrew just use the term “idiocracy”? And he’s a doctor?
- I loved the irony of Matt complaining that the Brigade “can’t catch a break” and that they have “no luck.” Sure, Matt…you not getting voted out after being exposed as a liar wasn’t a break, nor was winning HoH. It’s your own fault you complicated your stupid plan instead of just nominating who you wanted out. What a concept!

- We learned that Lane mellows out from his cowboy roid rage by eating Pop Rocks and shooting turtles (or anything in the trees that has glowing eyes). There are so many jokes floating around my head, I can’t pick just one. But I would like to personally thank Lane for the best line of tonight’s episode, and possibly the season so far: “ I didn’t know Jewish guys wore ninja outfits when they pray.”
- After Brendon won the POV and Matt realized that his plan went awry, you would think he would have learned not to complicate things anymore…but no, instead he actually tells Andrew that, even though he wants Kathy out, he would prefer it to be a 4-4 tie so he can prove to Andrew that he can trust him when he votes Kathy out himself as the tiebreaking vote. Please remember again that this guy is supposedly in Mensa. And Andrew’s response to Matt’s attempt to get Andrew to stay was priceless…no thanks, I’ll handle it myself.
- Enzo said “It is what it is” tonight. Mandatory disqualification.
- Brendon and Rachel got to make out without Andrew interrupting them. Awwww.
- Well, it looks like things are starting to turn around on this season, because for the first time in an episode this season…nobody cried! Maybe that’s because Britney didn’t say a word, but it’s still an improvement.

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