Sunday, September 5, 2010

September 5, 2010: Big Brother Recap

Thursday’s episode of Big Brother ended with what was arguably the lamest HoH competition ever this late in the game. A chicken-wire Christmas ornament challenge? Are you serious? What’s with the giant backyard pillow fight? And why are the houseguest tearing the house up?

My Random Thoughts:

- What sort of Iron Grip does Britney have to be snapping so many Christmas ornaments the second she touches them. Good comment from her: “I’ve been called a ball-buster before, but who knew I was actually that good at it.”

- Hayden, are you really trying to tell us that your baseball experience and 22 years of decorating Christmas trees are what gave you an advantage in this challenge, not those giant fingers that look like you should be giving a horse a gynecological exam?

- Enzo has never won HoH and has won only one Veto, when he took out Ragan with a knockout blow last week. I hear a lot of people saying that this is his game to lose if he gets to the Final Two, but it’s going to be a pretty hard sell to say “give me half a million dollars” when you’ve been that inept at challenges.

- Watching Lane and Hayden try to light the propane BBQ with the lid closed made me cringe until I realized that CBS would never show a Reality TV contestant actually blow up on television. There definitely should have been a warning on screen for viewers to NEVER try that at home.

- “The Meow Meow doesn’t get his name for nothing. Hide and Seek is my game. Let’s do this.” What the hell does one thing have to do with the other? Can someone please explain to these Final Four rocket scientists about actual relative comparisons before we hear something even more ridiculous like “I'm from Texas, so I can definitely make an igloo faster than the others. “

- Watching them tear their own house up for a $10,000 competition was hilarious. I loved this Luxury challenge. Nice to see Britney win the money, if only to see her stop crying for a while (Seriously, there have been more tears this season than all others combined!), but she should really thank Hayden since he’s the one who won it for her by taking the trash outside.

- Hayden and Enzo’s strategy conversation was painful to watch because they talked the whole time with their mouths full of jerky. I wanted to throw something at the TV and yell “Don’t talk with your mouth full. You sound like a couple of cows!”

- So Britney and Lane are on the block, but I will reiterate again that the nominations this week are completely redundant. The winner of the POV has the sole vote and decides who goes home, so the nominations are irrelevant…it all lies in the Veto Competition.

Reality TV fans take note, that I will be posting full recaps in the fall for the new seasons of Survivor and The Amazing Race. As with Big Brother, the recaps will be posted within an hour of the end of the episode. I hope that those of you that have been reading here this summer will come back for more recaps in the fall.

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