Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September 15, 2010: Big Brother Recap - Finale Night

Summer is in the books, and that means it’s time for Big Brother to wrap up for another season. Tonight’s finale would crown a winner (from The Brigade, of course), give us more drama from the Jury house, and allow us all to breathe a sigh of relief that we would no longer have to hear “Meow Meow” or Rachel’s laugh.

My Random Thoughts:

- Credit to Julie Chen for getting through her opening without breaking into laughter when she said “Meow Meow.”

- Yes Enzo, you “made” the Brigade, but all you really did was give everyone nicknames and name the group. Matt, Hayden, and Lane won a bunch of stuff, and all of them broke off into side alliances that worked…when you did nothing.

- I loved that Rachel thought the 4 members of the Brigade weren’t smart enough to have an alliance because “they don’t even know what alliance means.” Remember way back in Week 1 when she identified that Andrew was Jewish because he was “wearing a Yom Kippur”?

- I don’t understand why everyone in the Jury House was so upset about the Brigade. They played a game, within the rules, and won it. They played well. You don’t see the other team getting all riled up when a player steals a base in baseball, do you?

- Listening to Rachel during the strategy session talking about Enzo playing a great game, and Hayden being a bad player with “no game”, made me realize that she’s not only crazy, but she might actually be retarded as well.

- I always laugh at the final HoH competition, because the 3rd person, the one who isn’t competing, is always banished to the other room behind the wall, and they get this great camera shot of them looking sad and forlorn while the competition is ready to go in the other room.

- When Hayden won the final HoH, he pretty much guaranteed that he would win the $500,000 prize, and I think he knew that. So, in essence, his choice at the end was who he was deciding to award $50,000 to.

- Was Enzo going through puberty at the exact moment he was talking to Julie Chen? How many times did his voice crack? (I’m going to predict it right now, Enzo and his wife will be on a future edition of The Amazing Race. You heard it here first.)

- I like that Big Brother has switched to a full-on Live Finale, but I hate this BS about the jury members having to only ask pre-determined questions that they read off of cue cards. It’s so ridiculous. Remember that these questions were decided BEFORE they knew who the Final Two was. Come on, CBS…you can do better than that.

- That question period was painful. Absolutely painful. Seriously…it caused me physical pain. Nobody answered anything. And I’ll tell you what Chenbot, Jeff Probst never would have allowed all that waffling to go on.

- Rachel forgot her bag at the voting stand and had to go back and get it. I can’t imagine that’s the first time she had to turn around in the dark and grab a bag.

- Monet seemed like she wanted to be anywhere except this studio. And that was obviously because she knew that there was no way that they would be showing any footage other than her crying or saying nasty things about Rachel. Would you want to be there? Plus, tonight I noticed that Monet looks like one of the blue creatures from Avatar.

- Kristen broke up with her boyfriend? What a shocker! When Julie asked Kristen if she was going to pursue a relationship with Hayden, how many of you were expecting her to say “That depends if he wins the $500,000.”

- I was waiting to find out the reaction to the revelation of Ragan as the second Saboteur (which was pretty good…did you see Britney’s face?), but I also wanted to see the rest of the houseguests find out about the prizes that Hayden chose in the POV competition. Why didn’t we see that?

So, what do you think? Was Hayden a deserving winner? Will Brendon and Rachel last? Thanks so much for reading here during the course of this season…I wasn’t sure I would be able to maintain 3 recaps a week for a show with as little substance as Big Brother (we’re all fans, but let’s be honest), but it worked out ok, and I was pleasantly surprised at the traffic on the site. Thanks to you all for making this a fun summer.

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Thanks for reading.


Jeff W. said...

Enzo wouldn't last long on Amazing Race because he'd never find a way to get the other teams to do the challenges for him while he sat back and took the credit. Ziiing!

Did I miss an inside joke, or did the final 4 actually not know how to spell "brigade"?

I regret Annie and the Zingbot 3000 not lasting longer in the game.

How will I go cold turkey from not hearing others say "yo", "brigade", or "social game"?

Anonymous said...

Reality recap after reality recap. Boring.

Sean said...

Jeff, I agree with you, I sure could have used a little more Annie and the Zingbot.

Anonymous, Thanks for stopping by anyways. Guess I'll have to get back to the poker room at Brantford soon. It's been a while. ;)