Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September 8, 2010: Big Brother Recap

Here we are folks…the point in the game when we have an eviction on a Wednesday (gasp!) to make room for the final week’s flurry of activity. Would the Brigade all make the final three? Could I go one day without someone hitting this blog by Googling “Britney cleavage”? And why is Enzo offering up “one free shot” to Nick?

My Random Thoughts:

- Hayden’s words of wisdom to Lane early in this episode: “I hope me, you, and Enzo can get in the Final Three because then that means that we’ve got a good shot to get in the Final Two.” In related news, the number 7 comes after the number 6.

- Enzo said he didn’t trust Lane because he kept Britney safe and put his two fellow Brigade members on the block. But in reality, Enzo only wanted Lane to trust them to keep Britney, which they weren’t going to do! Don’t you always love the irony of the Player A who is outraged that Player B didn’t keep their word…and that, in turn, prevented Player A from backstabbing Player B?

- I found out this week that Britney had to see the medic on site after injuring her finger in a competition. The only thing is that it was the $10,000 Piggy Bank competition! How does she not cut herself after snapping about 40 Christmas ornaments with her bare hands, but somehow cuts it looking for a giant penny?

- This veto competition is always traditionally extremely difficult, and this one was no different. Man was I ever surprised to see Hayden smoke everyone else and complete it before Lane or Britney even got one up on the board.

- The way that Enzo told Britney about the Brigade was 100% arrogant and cocky. She didn’t deserve that, and you could tell that Lane was really uncomfortable as he cackled and celebrated. Hayden was a jerk as well when he declared “I’m glad you won the 10 G’s.” You could tell how furious she was (and rightfully so). I thought she was going to chew her own fingers off as she bit her nails while listening.

- For the live vote, I loved how Britney decided to rock the ‘little black dress’ while Lane decided to go with the ‘Black T-Shirt and Shorts’ look. Juxtaposition, anyone?

- Kudos to Britney for forgiving Lane and realizing that he truly did want to go to the Final Two with her, which he actually did. I loved her reaction at the mere mention of the Jury House. At least she only has a week there. For someone who I really didn’t like at the beginning of the season, I really came around on her, and was rooting for her to win. She gets my vote for Favourite Houseguest. I think she’ll win it.

- The show ended with a typical endurance competition as Part 1 of the traditional 3-part Final HoH competition. This one actually looked like it would be fun to watch with them slamming into the walls.

- I’m looking forward to Ragan’s reaction to Matt’s lie in the jury house tomorrow more than I’m interested in the HoH competition.

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Jeff W. said...

If do-nothing Meow-Meow wins this year, I'm giving up on wasting summers on this show. I wasn't a big fan of how he told Britney either. It was like that Simpsons episode where you could see the very moment Lisa ripped apart Ralph Wiggum's heart. Since this has been the least expect the unexpected season yet, I'm predicting Justin Bieber 2.0 for the win.

Anne Cheesman said...

I wasn't fond of Britney either until of late. I am thinking it is because of the lack of personality that is left in the house.
To see the girls devastation when they told her about the brigade and she knew at that moment she had no hope was so sad to watch. I could feel her pain. It was horrible to watch. Enzo what a plonker!
Just because she has won competitions, she did make it to the final four. On merit She also gets my vote for favorite house guest. I voted about four times for her. I never do that.
On a last note. Please get Hayden to cut his hair. What a scruffy bugger he is!