Thursday, September 9, 2010

September 9, 2010: Big Brother Recap

The Big Brother house is now 100% Brigade. I said it from the get-go with these guys, the only way to make it to the end is to stick together in that alliance and never waver. They did it, it worked, and say what you want, they proved that loyalty will work in this game. It's the simplest strategy.

My Random Thoughts:

- Lane was talking about being upset at Britney leaving and said that it was because “she was funny, she was quirky, she was jokey”…and part of me was hoping that he was going to keep going and just name an alternate Seven Dwarves

- Enzo, why the hell were you screaming constantly during the Rope Riding competition? You sounded like an idiot, which admittedly, isn’t that much different from the rest of the season. The strategy of hitting the wall with his feet first was idiotic, and predictably, he lasted less than 20 minutes, while the other two lasted over two and a half hours. Newsflash, Enzo sucks at challenges…again. And then he had the balls to declare “These competitions just make me look like I’m weak.” Um…no, 69 days of losing EVERY competition except one is why you ARE weak. 69 days isn’t an anomaly…it’s a pattern.

- Lane was talking about the challenge being like a bar fight in Texas. Man, we’re learning that Lane can compare pretty much everything in life to a bar fight, aren’t we? He said that it was the same because he was being slammed from wall to wall, getting water dumped on his head, and in the morning, he would wake up and his testicles hurt. That doesn’t sound like a bar fight, that sounds like a scene from Oz.

- Hayden with another nugget of wisdom: “Jury votes are one of the most important things in the game.” Really? Can you name anything MORE important? I can’t.

- Enzo’s wife was kid of cute, but at the end of the day, just looked like a trashier version of Kate Beckinsale. I couldn’t get past his mom, however. Aside from the Jay Leno-esque chin, when she opened her mouth, she sure as hell didn’t sound Italian.

- The Jury house was full of drama, as expected. Matt came clean to Ragan (while wearing the worst pyjamas possible), who aptly described the feeling as being the same as when Lucy would pull the football away from Charlie Brown. Then Rachel continued to prove that she is well aware that her fifteen minutes of fame are at approximately 14:57 and counting when she manufactured more drama and picked a fight with Ragan before storming off. Did you see Brendon’s face after she left? It was a resigned look, like “Well, guess I’m stuck with this now…here is where I’m supposed to follow after her.” Good dog, Brendon. Good dog.

- I always like the Morphed Face challenge each season. (Remember when Ragan was studying for it a couple of weeks ago). While it did appear to be easier than past years, Lane just flew through it, and I knew that Enzo had NO shot at winning. And why was Enzo hopping around the whole time? Was the backyard lawn suddenly made of hot coals? But the best part of the entire competition…did you SEE the picture of Brendon and Rachel, and what their kids would likely look like???

- Just a reminder that Sunday's episode is a recap show. I will not be doing a recap. And the 2-hour Finale (finally!) will follow the premiere of Survivor Nicaragua next Wednesday.

Reality TV fans take note, that I will be posting full recaps in the fall for the new seasons of Survivor and The Amazing Race. As with Big Brother, the recaps will be posted within an hour of the end of the episode. I hope that those of you that have been reading here this summer will come back for more recaps in the fall.

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Anne Cheesman said...

Did it really surprise you when enzo did not win either or competition? I really dont want him to be in the final two. Fingers crossed all.