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September 22, 2010: Survivor Recap - "I'm Gonna Keep One Eye On My Shoes"

Last week’s premiere of Survivor Nicaragua was pretty entertaining, considering we’re watching a group of model-esque 30-somethings take on what resembles a nursing home. Would the youngsters continue their hot streak? Are we going to be subjected to a full season of blurred crotches? (considering the 100+ hits I got this week from people Googling “blurred crotches”, I’m guessing it’s a pretty hot topic) And what’s with all the footwear theft ?

My Random Thoughts:

- If they’re going to keep referring to the tribes as ‘Older Tribe’ and ‘Younger Tribe’…why even give them tribe names?

- I liked the night-vision footage of the Older Tribe back at camp after Tribal Council. Solely because there was a great shot of Dan stumbling around in the dark, like your old uncle who had too much to drink and was trying to find the back door late at night.

- Sash’s strategy is to join up in an alliance of all “minorities”? Really? And he’s going to give snappy nicknames, like calling Brenda “The Asian sensation”? What are you, then? The “mulatto with bravado”? Newsflash Sash (totally unintentional rhyme), if you build a tribe of minorities, and they eventually have to cut someone loose, it’s probably going to be the guy who is billing himself as “half-black” to the others.

- Thanks to NaOnka for the most redundant line of the season thus far: “Kelly B. She has the heart. She has the mind. But she doesn’t have 100% of the body.”

- Holly went off the deep end early in the episode, ranting about snails and inexplicably stealing Dan’s shoes, filling them with sand, and dumping them in the water. I can get behind the tribe being concerned that she’s a nutbar, but why the drama about her dumping the pail of snails? Just go pick them up again…it’s not like they’re chickens that got out of a cage…they’re snails. No matter how old or tired this tribe gets, I have to think they can still catch up with a snail.

- Who the hell brings a $1600 pair of shoes on Survivor? And who the hell spends that much on shoes anyways?

- NaOnka…yes, Jud is stupid. But not so stupid that he can’t tell when you’re wearing his socks right in front of him!

- The Immunity Idol looks like a bronzed Travelocity Gnome. (On that note, don’t forget The Amazing Race premieres on Sunday night.)

- Don’t you think it was funny that Mr. He-Man Woman Hater’s Club, Mr. Alpha Male Shannon was relegated to “dropped ball retriever” in the Immunity/Reward Challenge?

- Looks like that Medallion of Power is going to be a big game-changer for this season. I really like it…after 21 seasons, it’s tough to come up with something new to impress me in this game.

- I know I already made this comment last week, but how do you not crack up laughing every time you see “Pro Race Car Jackman” on the screen?

- I chose Marty as my pick to win the game based on last week’s episode…and now he has the Immunity Idol. Sweet!

- So the Younger Tribe had to choose between the Woman Hater and the Strong Woman. Who saw that coming?

- That was indeed a jaw-dropper of a Tribal Council, wasn’t it? Just when I thought that Holly was the craziest one on the show, Shannon drinks the insanity-punch and starts yapping about integrity and the proliferation of “gays” in New York vs. Louisiana. When the dumbest person on the tribe (Fabio/Jud) is telling you to shut up, how bad do you think that is? Wow. No way he wasn’t getting voted out after that.

- Can’t wait until the reunion show (which is in New York), because I’m sure that Shannon’s idiotic comment will play a big role that night. Good luck winning over that crowd.

- I don’t mind Sash, but when he voted and gave the “biggest bachelor in New York” line, my girlfriend called him a “self-promoting douche”, which I have to say, seemed pretty accurate at the time…and made me laugh out loud.

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