Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May 5, 2009

- Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone! I hope you were able to hit a patio somewhere and enjoy a Margarita or a Corona.

- I meant to put this picture up yesterday since it was the anniversary of one of the rare times that two 300-game winners squared off against each other in a pitching matchup when Greg Maddux faced Roger Clemens in 2005. The picture is even better now knowing what we know about Clemens, with Maddux looking on from behind, in the shadow, almost disapprovingly...the guy who did it right.- A few days back I posted that hearing Creed was doing a reunion tour was pretty nasty news. This report about another crappy band almost makes up for it.

- Confirmation on what I wrote yesterday about Kisha and Jen from this interview on tvguide.com.

- With the news that the Arrested Development movie is finally moving forward, enjoy the Chicken Dance clips below.

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