Saturday, May 2, 2009

May 2, 2009

- I thought there would be more comments on the Meat Brackets. Come on folks, let's hear your faves!
- Went out on Thursday night with a friend and had a great time. The most fun I've had in a long time. You know who you are...the one who made the 9-ball your bitch!
- Saw the movie Role Models last was cute. The kid who played Ronnie was hilarious, and Stifler always makes me laugh.
- I'm on the message boards quite often, commenting on shows like Lost, Survivor, Amazing Race, etc... It just astounds me how people in these message board communities will complain about everything. There was this whole thread about the inconvenience of having to scroll back a page or two to find a that extra 10 seconds would kill you. Lazy lazy people.
- Survivor was interesting this week with Coach being caught in a huge lie, and creating even more ridiculous lies to try and cover it up. Sierra got a raw deal, although I never really liked her...or disliked her. This is shaping up to be the best reunion show ever. The Dragon Slayer shtick with Coach is getting old, and his pleas for recognition were pretty lame "Did you hear me say Dragon Slayer? My balance was aweseome." But the most astounding part to me was the 46-year-old middle school principal using the word 'Supposably." Educating the world's youth....fantastic.


- Loved the episode of Lost this week. I've found that for each season, the 3rd last episode is always fantastic, setting up for the 2-part season finale. This year was no different. For those of you that think that when Daniel got shot at the end, he didn't actually die, you are incorrect. He is dead and gone, according to the producers. The time loops are giving me headaches, but I love it! Getting back to the message boards I mentioned earlier, there was this entire discussion of how Daniel couldn't possibly be the son of Eloise and Charles because he had brown eyes and they both had blue eyes, and the science/genetics behind the impossibility of that happening. It's a show about TIME TRAVEL AND A MAGICAL MOVING ISLAND...this is the scientific issue you have with the show? I had someone tell me once that they didn't like Spider-Man because they thought it was ridiculous that Mary-Jane didn't know it was Peter (Oops...sorry, SPOILER ALERT) when she was was kissing him after taking half of his mask off. Really? That's the major issue you have with Spider-Man in terms of believability? Not the guywith superpowers climbing up walls and swinging between the buildings....just the kiss? Really?

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