Thursday, May 21, 2009

May 21, 2009

I was reading a list of the worst album covers of all-time, and it was quite entertaining. For starters, it's not some crappy little list of 10 or 15 albums, it's a full SEVENTY selections. I strongly recommend you check it out and have a good laugh, if for no other reason than these two albums:

There is also a pretty comprehensive list of the 70 best album covers that you can link to on the sidebar, as well as an absolutely ridiculous list of 'Misheard song lyrics'. Well, I suppose it's only ridiculous if you actually thought Pat Benatar was singing 'Hit me with your pet shark.'

That's not a joke. Honest. I wish it was.


nicki said...

you actually mean...she WASN'T singing "hit me with your pet shark"?

thats crazy.

Jenn said...

No, she actually WAS singing "hit me with your pet shark." Don't worry, you've been singing it correctly all along!

And what's going to happen to poor Julie on her 16th birthday? Whatever it is, that dude sure it creepy.