Sunday, May 24, 2009

May 24, 2009

Lucas and I have had a great weekend. It didn't start out so well, considering when I went to pick him up at his afterschool program on Friday, one of the team leaders saw me get out of my car and told me "Lucas is just inside with Christina, she's cleaning the blood off of his leg." Not the best thing to say as an opening line, maybe "First of all, Lucas is fine" should be the opener next time. Turns out he fell down on the pavement playing football and scraped his knee pretty badly, but it's healing well. Polysporin and medicated bandages are wonderful things.

Friday night I took him over to my friend Jeff's house and he had a blast playing with his son Evan, who is about 6 months younger than Lucas. They played basketball, then some Xbox, and then watched the Orlando-Cleveland NBA playoff game while we all played cards downstairs. It was a great finish to the game, and it was so funny listening to them get so excited avery time there was a big play. The game had perhaps the best finish I've ever seen, and when Orlando went up with 1.0 seconds left, They both came running downstairs to tell us. We were watching it too, so they stayed down there with us to watch Lebron hit a 3 at the buzzer to win 96-95. It was amazing. He keeps talking about how awesome it was, and how he wants to go back and play with Evan again.

Although I think the funniest thing about that night was that when Orlando went up 95-93, a few of us were pretty excited for the finish, and our friend Natalie, who is not a basketball fan at all, asked what the big deal was. So as we're explaining, she asked if they would go for a two to tie, or a three to win, and we all scoffed at the suggestion, insisting that it would be a two-point attempt. And of course, when King James hit the three, it was rather ironic. Although Natalie's response (considering she didn't want to watch the end of the game) was "Ok, that was pretty cool."

On Saturday, I had a hair appointment at Chameleon, and Lucas came with me. He was very well-behaved and everyone was great with him. It reminded me a lot of when I was his age and I would be at the hair salon where my mom worked. Fun deja vu. Saturday night, he had a sleepover at his best friend Marshall's since I had to be at the final HPA event of the year. (Which I won, #4 this season)
This morning I picked him up and we went out for breakfast, then did a bunch of laundry. We went out to do some groceries, and we passed this convoy of motorcycles out for a Sunday drive, and he was fascinated, so since we had nothing planned for the day, I just turned the car around and followed them. There was about 20 of them all driving together. They drove out in the country through Conestogo, St. Jacobs, Hawkesville, Heidelberg, St. Clements, Wellesley, and then just kept driving. We were enjoying a beautiful day, listening to our Rock Out! CD really loud, and having a blast. I decided half an hour was long enough, and they just kept driving away from town, so we eventually turned around and headed home.

We went for a nice walk to enjoy the weather, and then mid-afternoon, decided that we both wanted a nap, so we crashed for about 2 hours, and then got up and played some Wii Lego Batman.

What a great weekend!

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